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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

why you should date a dentist

This post was a repost from my 2009 posting

i was browsing then suddenly I found this article. Read it, it's fun ! *it's officially written by : ehsanbd@live.com and commented by me :)*

10 reasons why you should date a DENTIST :
1. Good Oral Hygiene, nice feelings in kissing
*haha, it might be!!!*

2. They can give you the gift of "missing them" because they are always at work
*usually, if they're really into 'it-dentistry-things', most of their brain part will filled with work, work, and work. They will put the-relationship-matters aside and put the dental-clinic-matters in their top list. That's as far as I know...*

3. They can give you a free dental consultation
*definitely yes. So, wanna date a dentist ? Additional information : If you're a dentist, and your date (also) a dentist, you will have an easier consultation, such as : "Honey, please check for my upper-right molar teeth. I think between the first and second molar, there're cavities." Dating a dentist is kind of, hmmm... having a personal dentist ? Hahaha.*

4.You save yourself the embarrassment of going to a dentist with a foul smelling in ur mouth
*haha, it can be...*

5. They are smart
*definitely !*

6. They know their partners well (know what works and where)
*maybe because we're trained to 'get-into-the-patient' by making anamnesis all the time. Hahaha, so sad but it's true. They are good at analyzing people ! Really !*

7. They are party people in the weekend
*not really like this, im not a party woman, but even dentists are human. And only in weekends they can close their clinic to have a fun.*

8. Free scaling ! no need 2 brush ur teeth
*for the free scaling, yes I think so. But no need 2 brush ur teeth ? Eeeeewww....*

9. They are well trained to listen.
*beside the speaking-ability that we have, yes we are*

10. They know how you feel, or at least pretend to!!
*at least for me, whenever I do something in patient's mouth, I will imagine that I am the patient. Most of really-into-it-dentists do that I think...*

Oh, can I add one more ?
I think you should date a dentist, because they have cute-dentists-uniform. Haha, don't take it seriously~~


  1. hahahaha, ben pamor drg2 rodo naik Li... biar tambah enteng jodoh gitu ceritanya *ga penting :p*

  2. ben enteng jodoh? huahahaha...diobral gitu ta mil? banting harga...


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