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Sunday, July 05, 2009

goodbye sukron

Today, Sukron ~my most favourite pedo-patient~ will go back to Madura for.... forever. Actually he comes from Madura but he follows his parents who work in Surabaya. He graduated from his pre-school a month ago, and he will go to an elementary school somewhere in Madura.

Huaaaaaa.... quite mellow for a while, remember that he's sooooooo cooperative while he was being my patient T.T

Because of him, I accomplished diagnose requirement, pulpectomy requirement, and stainless steel crown requirement. A five years old boy, not naughty at all, and he never NEVER asked for hamburgers or KFC like my other little patients. That's why I love him so much~

And this morning, when he came to my house with his mom to say goodbye, he cried ! He cried and said that he would miss me :'( Huaaaaaa.... wish that the other kids are nice like him....


  1. Jasa Sukron juga tak akan kulupakan~~~ ewww~~

  2. Iya Yes... T.T
    bener-bener kooperatif anak itu....

  3. hehehhe,, ternyata pasien bisa ngangeni juga ya?? punya kedekatan yg lebih ama dokternya...

  4. Hahaha... kok ya untung pasiennya umur 5 tahun... coba kalo 25 tahun. Istilahnya bukan kedekatan lebih, tapi affair, mbak Det... huehehehehe...


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