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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I miss them !

sp├ęcial pour la famille de Follet: Je ne m'ennuie et je t'aime tellement

May 22nd 2013, I will never forget... My special patient was asking for favor to set the pick-up for his family, because he was on business trip. And for the first time, I met Follet's family. They're coming from France for holiday. Actually, I can't speak French. At all ! And they can't speak English. My driver will completely lost in translation if he picked up alone, so I try to re-schedule all of my patients those afternoon, and leaving office to pick them up.... equipped with french dictionary and google translator.

I invited them for dinner the next day, after they're recovered from jetlag, in a nice resto near my west office... How can we communicate ? Good question !! Wifi in resto was not working and I had to wait damn long to use my google translator. So, we wrote ! Using the mini oxford french dictionary and some of body languages. Describing all the menus was challenging. And I tried very very hard to make them understand. In the other hand, they were also very keen to talk to me, but lost in translation. So if we didn't know each other, we'll end up smiling to each other, hahahaha...

See ? Smile is the universal language... Smile means people are welcoming you. That's why I love to make people smile with their beautiful white straight teeth, LOL... And since I worked as a dentist, my favourite thing to do is... making people smile. Of course !

Just now Mrs. Andree sent me the pictures. I miss them all now... 2 memorable weeks with them. And for me, they're equal to my own family. Guess what, finally I can communicate with them. Slowly. Words by words. 

I'm not good at tour guiding. But for sure, I enjoy every single moments with them. I'm so lucky for knowing you Follet's family. Be my guest anytime !  

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

cheesy one

Sounds cheesy, I know... *Korean-drama's effect*
Once upon in my life, long time ago before I knew there're a hell in this world named dental faculty, I was a young naive high school girl who dreamed about...
Oh come oooonnn.... I tell you guys, every girls normally have their criterias about their Mr. Prince Charming.

Mine ? Physically, I'll fall for a guy with a white straight teeth, no cavities, and has a fresh breath. Hihihi.... Falling in love is a best gift ever. I love to love and to be loved. Have you ever found an attractive guy... and suddenly you can't stop thinking of him, feeling butterflies inside your stomach whenever near him or !!! Even waiting from him texting you back has already makes you unconsciously staring at your cellphone.

Ah, love...

I was being hurt many MANY times with you guys. So, I'd already known all the tricky parts from you, guys. Better be careful with me ;)