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Friday, December 20, 2013

warm christmas greeting from Gigi Sehat Dental

Thanks to D***, my patient who wanted to look 'festive' for christmas. So I put nice christmas colours for her. Rot und gruen :)
Ooopsie... it was my gruen handschuh showed up in picture....

Now, looked better :)

She was my class II division 1 client. Severe protrusion. I remember her when she came to my clinic for the first time. D*** was an unique client. Some dentists had already given up with her case, and also some suggested her to do 4 first bicuspids extractions. She asked me for second opinion, and she was totally keen on my treatment plan.
But when I told her my price, she was crying hopelessly. In front of me ! And she told me that she will pay me in settlements, because for her, it's too expensive. Oh God, as long as the client is very cooperative, I don't mind even they don't pay me not in full price. Because the treatment will work better on cooperative clients. It's much way better than clients who didn't appreciate my treatment and always try to postpone every appointments, and in the end never show up in several months. 

For this client, I have to give her 4 thumbs up for her cooperative-ness. She lives outside Surabaya where it's a very remote area. She only has motorbike, and she will need 2 hours to go + 2 hours to back everytime she goes to my clinic. And she's never missed even single appointments, and always shows up in schedule every 3 weeks. Even today is raining very hard, she's still showed up to clinic. Oh God, I'm so touched with her effort !!!
I treated her since last August, and within these 4 months, I think the result is quite good ! You are deserved to the best result for your cooperative, D*** !!!! I'm so proud of you 

Saturday, December 07, 2013

throwback macau meeting

It's been a year since last Macau Summit Meeting. Just realized that I hadn't post any pics yet...
 with my Thailand, China, and Indonesian colleagues. Great to see you all ! And glad to know you in person, Dr. Narandr ! Definitely will visit your clinic when I'm going to Thailand.

 with my Singaporean colleague : Dr. Ronnie ! Very inspiring dentist. Can't wait to see you and Jerry  if I'm visiting Singapore. His wife, Amanda took the pic for us. They're really-really the sweetest couple in earth ! Envy :p :p :p
With all Indonesian and Vietnam delegates. Seemed I'm the youngest one :p

 The most wonderful woman in this world : my Ma ! I extended my seminar trips to take her around Hongkong and Macau. And I had a really great time with her.
 My new friend from Jakarta, Fani ! Her mum is a dentist based in Jakarta, and she's just graduated at that time. So she joined her mum for symposium too. Keep the spirit !!
With my Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, and Hongkong colleagues after case presentations. It was great to know all of you in persons !

Having case presentation. Enjoyed this session so much 

The meeting

Took my Ma also joined with other dentists from Indonesia, although she's not a dentist, lol. But I will always take her wherever I'm going :)  

Glad to see you again, Dr. Jerry ! Will visit you and Ronnie soon in Singapore !!!

Friday, December 06, 2013

RIP Nelson Mandela

A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination

It always seems impossible, until it's done

Nelson Mandela

cuma sayang

This song is titled : Cuma Sayang by Nira Diana. Heard few times through radio and the melody is really-really nice.

Ingin aku berlari sejauh mungkin
Rasanya ku harus menghindarimu
Hanya sekedar menguji kesetiaan ini
Kalau memang terbukti akhirnya nanti
Aku tak pernah punya rasa rindu
Atau rasa benci dan rasa cemburu

Ah, jadi tanda tanya dalam hatiku
Apakah memang tak ada cinta

Kalau cuma kata sayang
Aku masih bisa mengatakan kepadamu
Namun aku tak mungkin memberikan kepadamu

Jangan salah mengerti atas sikapku
Bukan aku menolak cintamu
Namun aku minta waktu untuk berfikir

Walau cuma kata cinta
Aku masih takut mengatakan kepadamu
Karena selama ini aku
Cuma sayang padamu…

Thursday, December 05, 2013

fracture post root canal treatment

Normally, I'm more to restoration than extraction. But today, this client came to my clinic with tooth fracture in her lower right second molar. Here it is....

This client came to me with a very surprising request : "Doc, my previous dentist suggested me to remove my wisdom tooth. But I was too afraid of surgery. Now, I'd felt pain keep coming lately when I chewed something. And also, the food impacted keeps happen like crazy. I was too afraid of surgery. But today, I guess I will go for surgery."

Ah, okay. But I saw the trouble comes from her second molar. Not the impacted one.

This is a fracture post RCT tooth. For fracture case, no other suggestion, only extraction. See what I got after extracted her tooth...

A complete fracture from mesial to distal. I did no separation at all, just removed it one by one. Started with lingual fracture, continued with the buccal one... Fortunately, no complicated fracture and I didn't find any difficulties at all. At first, she was very afraid of surgery. I told her that I will not do any wisdom tooth surgery, because the trouble comes from the second molar, not the third one, and I will not do any incision -because, it's no necessary at all, with also no separation. Already informed also that she will be treated very well under local aenesthesia. And I will do it smoothly, so she won't feel a pain even a little bit. Then, here we go with the extraction.

This is post-extraction socket. Already did curretage and suturing before she left. Spotted the white appearance from her impacted third molar's crown.

I didn't suggest for any surgery of wisdom tooth removal for this case. Not necessary at all, although it's impacted.

Sometimes, wrong diagnose came from very complicated way of thinking. Again, keep it simple. See what's in front of your eyes. Explored from what you can reach first. It's a simple way of thinking. But works a lot in my daily practice. See ? That the cause of problem was very simple. Why should make it complicated ?


Are you okay?
Is it cold out there? Dont forget your coat
Have you had breakfast already?
Dont skip dinner....
How is work?
Hard day at work?
Dont make yourself too tired...
Be careful driving...
Still cough?
Dont forget to take your medicine...
Can i give massage for you?
Feeling better?
Dont say anything.... just let me rest in your arm...
...and listen to the nicest pounding sound in this world

.... its your heartbeat

i have died everytime waiting for you
darling dont be afraid i have loved you
for a thousand years...
i'll love you for a thousand more.....

zahnspangen day

Every Wednesday and Friday, I stay in my east clinic for zahnspangen day.
It is my east clinic.

Mostly, orthodontic clients are teenagers. And because for controlling their wire will not take long time, I talk a lot with them. About their study, about their boyfriend / girlfriend, about their parents, about their hobbies, and also... future.

Many of them don't wanna be a dentist. Or doctor. Why ?

Funny answers from them sometimes makes me smile.

"Doc, because I'm afraid of blood"
or "Doc, because I guess I'm not discipline enough to manage my time for study"

I will give a clue. I don't see much blood in my daily practice. Except, accident cases, or surgery cases. If not, normally I only see gum, and teeth. No blood. I can guarantee for this. Sometimes I even forget my clients' names... or their faces. I only recognize when they open their mouth and I saw their teeth. That's why if I get extra time during each appointment of my clients, I prefer to talk with them. To recognize their faces too.

And you don't need to be top of class to have a successful dental practice. I ever failed in some exams too. Even I had studied 1 month before exam, but I'm not good at all at.... Oral Medicine. Oh God, give me another subjects, but please not this one. And I'm happily passed with C and didn't intend to retake the major again. But even I got only C for oral med, it didn't bother me at all during my daily practice.

I love being a dentist in my own company, because I didn't need to depend or demand from anybody. I can make my own business. I can manage my own schedule whatever I like. Although some of colleagues broadcasted that dentist is a high risk job, second place for jobs which most damaging to your health, but still I love it. And nothing will beat something or someone you love easily.