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Thursday, December 05, 2013

fracture post root canal treatment

Normally, I'm more to restoration than extraction. But today, this client came to my clinic with tooth fracture in her lower right second molar. Here it is....

This client came to me with a very surprising request : "Doc, my previous dentist suggested me to remove my wisdom tooth. But I was too afraid of surgery. Now, I'd felt pain keep coming lately when I chewed something. And also, the food impacted keeps happen like crazy. I was too afraid of surgery. But today, I guess I will go for surgery."

Ah, okay. But I saw the trouble comes from her second molar. Not the impacted one.

This is a fracture post RCT tooth. For fracture case, no other suggestion, only extraction. See what I got after extracted her tooth...

A complete fracture from mesial to distal. I did no separation at all, just removed it one by one. Started with lingual fracture, continued with the buccal one... Fortunately, no complicated fracture and I didn't find any difficulties at all. At first, she was very afraid of surgery. I told her that I will not do any wisdom tooth surgery, because the trouble comes from the second molar, not the third one, and I will not do any incision -because, it's no necessary at all, with also no separation. Already informed also that she will be treated very well under local aenesthesia. And I will do it smoothly, so she won't feel a pain even a little bit. Then, here we go with the extraction.

This is post-extraction socket. Already did curretage and suturing before she left. Spotted the white appearance from her impacted third molar's crown.

I didn't suggest for any surgery of wisdom tooth removal for this case. Not necessary at all, although it's impacted.

Sometimes, wrong diagnose came from very complicated way of thinking. Again, keep it simple. See what's in front of your eyes. Explored from what you can reach first. It's a simple way of thinking. But works a lot in my daily practice. See ? That the cause of problem was very simple. Why should make it complicated ?

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