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Thursday, December 05, 2013


Are you okay?
Is it cold out there? Dont forget your coat
Have you had breakfast already?
Dont skip dinner....
How is work?
Hard day at work?
Dont make yourself too tired...
Be careful driving...
Still cough?
Dont forget to take your medicine...
Can i give massage for you?
Feeling better?
Dont say anything.... just let me rest in your arm...
...and listen to the nicest pounding sound in this world

.... its your heartbeat

i have died everytime waiting for you
darling dont be afraid i have loved you
for a thousand years...
i'll love you for a thousand more.....

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  1. She read your Page too it makes her mad, You still Care about me so Much. I try not contact, even i See You Online in Skype. Want give You time to be... If You love someone.... Its cold out here -2 This morning.. Wear my coat but Change Weather gave me caugh again. Have Nice Day there is someone outside ... Dont forget


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