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Saturday, December 07, 2013

throwback macau meeting

It's been a year since last Macau Summit Meeting. Just realized that I hadn't post any pics yet...
 with my Thailand, China, and Indonesian colleagues. Great to see you all ! And glad to know you in person, Dr. Narandr ! Definitely will visit your clinic when I'm going to Thailand.

 with my Singaporean colleague : Dr. Ronnie ! Very inspiring dentist. Can't wait to see you and Jerry  if I'm visiting Singapore. His wife, Amanda took the pic for us. They're really-really the sweetest couple in earth ! Envy :p :p :p
With all Indonesian and Vietnam delegates. Seemed I'm the youngest one :p

 The most wonderful woman in this world : my Ma ! I extended my seminar trips to take her around Hongkong and Macau. And I had a really great time with her.
 My new friend from Jakarta, Fani ! Her mum is a dentist based in Jakarta, and she's just graduated at that time. So she joined her mum for symposium too. Keep the spirit !!
With my Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, and Hongkong colleagues after case presentations. It was great to know all of you in persons !

Having case presentation. Enjoyed this session so much 

The meeting

Took my Ma also joined with other dentists from Indonesia, although she's not a dentist, lol. But I will always take her wherever I'm going :)  

Glad to see you again, Dr. Jerry ! Will visit you and Ronnie soon in Singapore !!!

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