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Friday, December 20, 2013

warm christmas greeting from Gigi Sehat Dental

Thanks to D***, my patient who wanted to look 'festive' for christmas. So I put nice christmas colours for her. Rot und gruen :)
Ooopsie... it was my gruen handschuh showed up in picture....

Now, looked better :)

She was my class II division 1 client. Severe protrusion. I remember her when she came to my clinic for the first time. D*** was an unique client. Some dentists had already given up with her case, and also some suggested her to do 4 first bicuspids extractions. She asked me for second opinion, and she was totally keen on my treatment plan.
But when I told her my price, she was crying hopelessly. In front of me ! And she told me that she will pay me in settlements, because for her, it's too expensive. Oh God, as long as the client is very cooperative, I don't mind even they don't pay me not in full price. Because the treatment will work better on cooperative clients. It's much way better than clients who didn't appreciate my treatment and always try to postpone every appointments, and in the end never show up in several months. 

For this client, I have to give her 4 thumbs up for her cooperative-ness. She lives outside Surabaya where it's a very remote area. She only has motorbike, and she will need 2 hours to go + 2 hours to back everytime she goes to my clinic. And she's never missed even single appointments, and always shows up in schedule every 3 weeks. Even today is raining very hard, she's still showed up to clinic. Oh God, I'm so touched with her effort !!!
I treated her since last August, and within these 4 months, I think the result is quite good ! You are deserved to the best result for your cooperative, D*** !!!! I'm so proud of you 

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