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Thursday, December 05, 2013

zahnspangen day

Every Wednesday and Friday, I stay in my east clinic for zahnspangen day.
It is my east clinic.

Mostly, orthodontic clients are teenagers. And because for controlling their wire will not take long time, I talk a lot with them. About their study, about their boyfriend / girlfriend, about their parents, about their hobbies, and also... future.

Many of them don't wanna be a dentist. Or doctor. Why ?

Funny answers from them sometimes makes me smile.

"Doc, because I'm afraid of blood"
or "Doc, because I guess I'm not discipline enough to manage my time for study"

I will give a clue. I don't see much blood in my daily practice. Except, accident cases, or surgery cases. If not, normally I only see gum, and teeth. No blood. I can guarantee for this. Sometimes I even forget my clients' names... or their faces. I only recognize when they open their mouth and I saw their teeth. That's why if I get extra time during each appointment of my clients, I prefer to talk with them. To recognize their faces too.

And you don't need to be top of class to have a successful dental practice. I ever failed in some exams too. Even I had studied 1 month before exam, but I'm not good at all at.... Oral Medicine. Oh God, give me another subjects, but please not this one. And I'm happily passed with C and didn't intend to retake the major again. But even I got only C for oral med, it didn't bother me at all during my daily practice.

I love being a dentist in my own company, because I didn't need to depend or demand from anybody. I can make my own business. I can manage my own schedule whatever I like. Although some of colleagues broadcasted that dentist is a high risk job, second place for jobs which most damaging to your health, but still I love it. And nothing will beat something or someone you love easily.

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