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Thursday, February 20, 2014

back to dental stuffs

I have done some magics to this 17 yrs old young boy. So this client came to my office 3 months ago, and here's the result in only 3 months.I will do some midline corrections when he come back from Holland to study. Client was definitely satisfied with the result since he had a very severe crowding before.

This another one is my case of today. Big cavities in both tooth number 1.5 and 1.6.


I'm so lucky that most of my clients are very very nice. They don't underestimate of young dentist at all. And guess what, this morning a lady came to my office just to drop by her homemade dish for me. She was very satisfied with my cleaning + root planing treatment, so her bad breath has gone away.

If you love to make people put smile in their faces, be a dentist. I'm sure you will get amazed with very nice smiles you'd created from your own hand.

And I love that.

Got a picture from Dr. Lily from Jakarta seminar. It was during the lunch session. We had a small study group here. The waitress who took the picture for us was quite okay, fortunately her hands were not tremor at that time, so we can have a steady and no-blur photo. It was an awesome seminar since we shared a lot of clients cases there. Me, as usual, the youngest one... but gave a lot of speechs. Got also an award. But since I was going alone and nobody was familiar with my lumia, so nobody took pictures of me. But I hope the documentation committee has some pics of me and they can send it later. Actually I wanted to wear my blazer at that time, but the blazer couldn't fit in anymore :'( 

This one is from Ogilvy meeting. They trained me to speak in media, newspaper and TV about invisalign compared to traditional braces. I was so nervous, since the other dentists are much older than me and they can speak very very well. They interviewed me without any scripts. Oh my God, very shy if they broadcasted me live. I do public speaking in mostly speechs, but not for taping on TV. So this will be a very good training for me then.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

mini wok noodle

Saya kasih tahu dulu ya....
Kalau ini bener-bener enak !

Wah, ini sih kalo orang Singapore bilang, "die-die must try lah"
Orang Hokkien bilangnya.... "Haujek sencinping"

Mini wok noodle ini emang masakan favorit saya. Sampe bela-belain saya cari resepnya, yang ternyata sangat gampanggg.... Saya emang suka masakan tipe gini, praktis, enak, nggak ribet, gampang bikinnya. Tapi bukan fast food. Dan bukan indomie.

Tapi kalo bikinan saya sih masih nggak seenak punya foodcourt Lucky Plaza. Jadi belum pantes bikin lapak. Sementara, lapaknya ya dental clinic dulu aja deh ya...

Sunday, February 16, 2014


Sayaaaaaaaaaa..... barusan ngadopsi seekor bayi orangutan, ikutan program WWF. Sayangnya si Googoo enggak boleh dibawa pulang, dan saya cuman dikirimi fotonya. Well, be safe there Googoo in deep forest of Borneo. Bukaaaan, ini emang bukan program miss universe, tapi boleh deh kalo mau mengkandidatkan saya sebagai calon *gak inget umur* *middle-age syndrome*

Nggak tahu nih kenapa blogger lagi ngadat buat upload foto. Padahal banyak banget foto yang mau saya share. soon ya readers...

Tahun ini, ditawari ikutan jadi dokter relawan buat smile operation, operasi bibir sumbing dan cacat wajah di kamboja. I think i will go and become one of volunteer there. we'll see how.

Ada yang mau ujian proposal tesis besok. Semangat ya mas ! Semoga sukses dan lancar meraih gelar Sp.KG. *siap-siap kebaya* *salahfokus* *yangdisumpahsiapa,yangsiapsiapsiapa*

Friday, February 14, 2014

surprise surprise

Jadi ceritanya, semalem saya pulang praktek jam 11 malam. Clients kept coming and I was too busy without realizing that it was almost midnite when i had done with all clients. Saya cuma pengen dan butuh tidur, secara besok paginya saya harus back to clinic jam 7 pagi.

So, this was it. Udah deh, saya langsung nggletak tidur sampai pagi, sampai nggak kerasa kalo gunung Kelud meletus. Gila, udah capek banget seharian mata ngeliatin gigi pasien... saya udah pasang alarm jam 6 pagi biar nggak telat ke praktekan pagi ini. Parahnya, saya kebangun jam 5.41. Pagi. Gara-gara prank calls dari entah siapa. Ya ampuuuun.... maaf2 aja ya kalau sengaja saya reject. Habis gimana lagi, saya ngerasa nggak kenal dan nomernya juga ajaib banget. Whoever you are, tolong ya pak... dokter juga manusia. And lately, i am easily tired. Jadi tolong kalau udah direject, mbok ya tahu diri...

And in the end, i was widely awake and can't sleep again. Well, goodbye my beauty sleep. Until now, i am still avoiding coffee, so i intended to have shower and prepare to go to clinic. Dan tradaa... di luar rumah udah full abu. Tebel pula. Even the sky showered some ashes.

Baru kali ini ngeliat hujan abu in real. Dulu2 waktu kena kiriman abu gunung Bromo, kayaknya nggak sampe ngeliat abu berjatuhan dari langit. Sekilas sih mirip hujan salju, cuma sejalanan warnanya abu-abu, that's all. Well, kind of big issue for Indonesia, surprise valentine gift from God.

Ngomong2 soal surprise, when i reached clinic this morning, there were surprise flowers from no-name (again!). Actually these were not my favourite flowers. I love sunflowers and i love yellow. But this surprise bouquet contained shocking pink and blue roses. Well, whoever you are, thank you for your kind thought to me. Oh, and also a box of chocolate ! Actually i don't eat chocolate because i don't like chocolate. But hey, i appreciate this gift. Thank you to whoever you are who had kindly sent this to me. I shared the chocolates with all my nurses and assistants. And i will put the flowers in my clinic desk. Terima kasih banget pokoknya.

Surprise letter also come from maman Andree !!! Merci bcp, maman. I love the card. Jauh-jauh belain kirim kartu dari Perancis, highly appreciate :)

Today, I have a little client named EVELYN. Wouah, she is a cute girl with a very beautiful name. She wear a shirt with big heart for me :) thank you sweetie. After finish with her treatment, i asked her to give me her big smile. And here she is...
can't wait for my own Evelyn soon :))