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Saturday, February 22, 2014

some old stuffs

I was sick today. And the nausea came back again. Very bored that I have to spend all day at home, can't go to office, so I decided to clean up some stuffs while taking care of D. Because if I spent my day for doing nothing, I feel so weak and died. And guess, I had found some old stuffs.

Photo with my sister, I think I was 13 or 12 yrs old at that time. And photo with my senior high school gank. We had a very very good time at that time. Me and my girls. Even until now, and we're still catching up. And all, still single and available :D
My thesis ! I was writing this 6 years ago to get my BDS degree before DDS degree. I kept one copy for myself. It was my first formal published before continuing with other literatures and journals I ever wrote. I feel awesome since that time it was my first formal speech in front of public.

My stamps collection. I have a lot lot lot stamps collection. But this book was special. It was from my German-godparents. With all germany stamps inside. Isn't it awesome ?

These are my BDS and DDS degree. For bachelor and dentist degree. Worked hard for 5 years to achieve my title exactly on-time. And now I have my long-life-time study. And I will study hard until my last breath.

Another silly pic from my high school girls. Gosh, we were soooooooo fun. Even until now, we're still catching up and meeting each other !

Pic with my beloved cousin. Can't believe that she's now is a mommy for her 2 adorable kids. And below, found my senior high school class field trip to waterfall in Tretes. It was taken on 2001 when I was 15 yrs old.
This is me, 3 yrs old. My mother never let my hair grew long until I can decide myself in high school. She told me that I looked chic and cute with my short hair. But I prefer longer hair better.

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