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Thursday, March 27, 2014

stage photos released

Got some pictures of mine from last symposium's committee~~ All so nice

Some told that I looked so young, even younger than 27yrs old when I was in stage. Well done, me !

With my Singaporean colleague dentists. Awesome Dr. Yue and Dr. Mok. It was a very nice chit-chat during cocktail session. Shared a lot with Dr. Yue about TMD and yes he's right, we'll always talk about TMD, everytime, everywhere. And thanks for your life wisdom words also. Will noted, noted, noted

Indonesian dentists rocks !!! I learnt a lot from my seniors also. Dentistry is our passion. No doubt !

Saturday, March 22, 2014

south east asia invisalign event

I used to take this airline on my every Singapore trips before we have Air Asia. I tried Air Asia last time, but still, China Airlines is the best for me. It's very worth my favourite airline. Well, the way back timing is so lousy, I reached Surabaya last night at 23.30, but still.... compared with all of their facilities, I am still in love with China Airlines. 

Was very exciting to be back in speech. And meet awesome colleague dentists there.  

Changi. From here, I just take 50 minutes walk + MRT to reach Mandarin Hotel Orchard for symposium. It's not a big deal. I will not die because of that.

I can't wait for official pictures from the South East Asia committee... For now, I just upload some pics (and selfies) from my camera

So, Joyce told me that there will be around 10 dentists will give speech and presentation about their cases. But one by one were not confident enough to come in stage. So, in the end, only Dr. Tan and I who presented cases. And Dr. Tan presented from her seat, so officially, only me who presented from stage. It's not a big deal though. Go go Indonesia !!!

This is a very good event and symposium. The G5 launching itself was very informative, and the case sharing went great, and I got a lot of precious knowledge from my colleagues during the break sessions.

After G5 launching, arranged to meet up with my good good friends. Its a nice dinner and chit chat with the newlywed Evan-Inggrid, and also Licu and engkong Andrew. Thanks buddies for your accompanions. During my hectic schedule, all of you still come for me. Thank you in a bunch !

I got also a nice roomate, Dr. Rita from Indonesia. Just figured out that she's a famous singer too. So, she works as a dentist and a singer too. We were coming from different generations. But she shared a lot about life and love to me. I can say that she's not too 'clinician'. Well, it's okay for me haha... Dental seminar doesn't mean that we will always talk about work and work, rite ? Good intermezzo as bedtime story with her.

A very nice breakfast and lunch treat from Mandarin Orchard Hotel. Thanks my committees for your last time's treat for me. It's really a wrap !

These are my favourites. Vegetables with camembert cheese, half done sunny side egg, ham, bread, pork sausage, tom yam soup, and of course.... pancake with maple syrup ! Drink milk and cranberry juice. Something nice about this pancake is..... the maple syrup. The syrup is sooooo fragrant and nice. If I try to make it myself, it can't be as nice as this one.

The symposium itself is really really a wrap for me. I can meet great dentists in south east asia region. And of course, learn a lot too. I sit beside one of most famous dentist in Jakarta, and she taught me a lot lot lot about dentistry since her age is 3x of my age.... She was so well experienced in dentistry. Can't wait to meet you again, Dr. Hilly !

Here we are, a good friend of mine, Dr. Jerry. If I'm not mistaken, now he's still being the president of CGDP Singapore. And his clinic in Singapore with Dr. Ronnie is soooooo awesome. Will catch up later on IDEM meeting soon, Jerry !

These are Dr. Peterpan and Dr. Mos from Bangkok. OMG, their Thai names are just way too difficult to spell. So I called him Peterpan instead of Puttaporn, and called her Mos, instead of her very difficult Thai name. Awesome discussions about sleep apnea and snoring treatment with them. Keep in touch through line, buddies. Will catch up to your clinic when I go to Bangkok. Don't know when, hehe... Hopefully I can join the summit on June so I can meet both of you again.

And daddy Ken !! Can you believe that his age is twice of my age and he's still looked sooooo young. It's very very great to meet up with you again daddy Ken. Since our last meet in Ogilvy meeting, he looked even younger. Should ask for his secrets. Will catch up soon with you on IDEM meeting.

Took picture also with Dr. Sandra from Canada, the main speaker of this event. Adored her for her very valuable lecture and nice speech. I believe that become a speaker, is a talent. Because not all clinicians were meant to speak on stage. But she is one of those dentists who have talent in public speaking. 

Below, introduced you Dr. Ade. She is an expert in TMD and sleep apnea. Had a lot of fun discussion about TMD treatment with this smart dentist. She loved to learn and learn, just like I do. Even i am 16 years younger than her, i think you cant notice it from her look. Yes, she is still looked so young! I must admit, that the most fun part of being a dentist is, once you have a big passion on dentistry, you will enjoy your life and will looked forever young. Just like all of my seniors in these photos.


Sonnenblumes. My favourite. Found out in one corner of changi terminal 2. Spent 4 hours at airport before my flight. Didnt intend to go anywhere since im also too tired. So i just take a small walk around airport while waiting for my 10pm flight.

time to get back to business. Had a lot of insights, inputs, and shares from other dentists. Felt so ready and confident to be back in my clinic again.

Monday, March 17, 2014

chinese ?

An italian client walked into my office this morning....

Client : "Hello doctor. Please don't speak English to me. I don't understand."
Me : "Greek ?"
Client : "You can ?"
Me : "No. What's your mother tongue ?"
Client : "Italian. You can ?"
Me : "A bit. Very bit."
Client : "Ok... Chinese ?"
Me : "I can."

In the end, we speak in chinese. And he is my first european client who speaks Chinese fluently.
Even more fluently than me.

Friday, March 14, 2014

postcard from france

It's a very nice surprise when I reached office today and.....

Got this ! Paris postcard !!!!!! And it comes from....

Maman Andree et Papa Christian !!! And they write to me in English too !!!
Merci beaucoup pour vous. C'est tres tres gentil, maman. Hope to see you again in Indonesia very soon.

Here they are... a year ago. Tante Fanfan loved the rhum-raisin ice cream so much ! And maman.... hers is a very nice vanilla. Same as mine. And avocado ice for papa. Thanks for your kind invitation to France. Keep in touch

Me. Last year. Will put the smile still :) 

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

minor surgery today

Just got a very difficult case just now. A heavy infection in upper right first molar with buccal abscess. The tooth itself has 3' mobility surrounded with a lot of tartars. And based on my x-ray, it has a severe bone loss. No bones at all. I decided to treat this client with minor surgery, open flap, do curretage, bone grafting, suturing, and hopefully in next 2 days, the infection will be gone.

Last time I did this, it was 2 weeks ago, a young lady, but not with this heavy bone loss. And the treatment went very well. It gave a very good result.

For this case, it's quite a tricky and ambigous case. I can't predict the result. This kind of periodontitis can be happen with people with bad oral hygiene. So, better have regular check-up to avoid this kinda thing.