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Sunday, April 13, 2014

short flashback from IDEM

Late post from International Dental Exhibition and Meeting. This huge dentistry event held every 2 years, and it was an amazing experience that my A-team can visit there together. So, me and my colleagues (even we are family, but we always address each other as 'colleague' at work - professionalism is a must), did a lot of dental shoppings for our clinics. Very tired yet fun ! Found a lot of new innovations in dentistry. And to serve our clients the best, we have to well equipped with the newest updates.

Brought back home 2 brand new digital xrays, 2 sets of LED cavity explorer, and a lot of new stuffs for filling, ortho, all very interesting. Dental things and materials are unique. You get what you pay. The more expensive they are, the better quality they are. That's why for providing the best to our clients, we invested a lot. Hope Gigi Sehat dental will serve better and better in future. Cheers !