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Thursday, August 28, 2014

6 hours in jakarta

Quick late post from my last Jakarta visit. I came to Jakarta for 6 hours (amazing !) for doing a patient that will go to London, so she can't visit my office in Surabaya. No choice, I come for her to Jakarta. Special thanks for my beloved colleague Dr. Ade for her kindness lending me her dental office !!!

 Meet again with Dr. Ade !!! Her new office is so cozy ! Congrats doc on your new clinic !!

I bring my assistant to come along with me. I am so happy since this is her very first flight in her life. And she can't stop telling me how amazing the journey was. Glad that you enjoy the trip with me :* Next trip will be Bali ! All of us !!! Dentists + assistants + their families. We will have a great time together !

Got my new hair done ! I'm back with my long straight hair. Some told that I looked like a japanese doll with this :)

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