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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

why it's cool to become a dentist

A lot of patients or almost all patients are wondering :

"Doc, what makes you wanna be a dentist ?"

Well... When I was a teenager, I didn't even think to become a dentist. My uncle was a dentist, and I had a very rare check-up. I had no decays at all. And in my entire life, I only sit 3 or 4 times in dental chair AS A PATIENT ! Rest of it, I sit in the dental stool, as a dentist.

So that question was a brilliant question. I didn't have any interests of working with very strict office hour 8 to 5, 5 days a week. OMG, it's not me !! Or even work in front of screen. I rarely touch my laptop or cellphones if not needed. And also, I have a very big passion into teeth art. I can spend hours, days, just to carve something small, nice, creative, and I like it !

So, if you consider to become a dentist, here I will share some GREAT news about being a dentist...

1. Have you ever realized that as a human, we have 32 teeth which if 1 is not working properly, we can also feel it hurt, painful, can't eat, or even can't sleep properly etc. And there you are comes from heaven ..... (drumrollllllll) THE DENTIST !!! Who come and save the world fix the pain.

2. We can work very cool behind our mask and gloves, holding our drill and all of frankestein's tools  that makes us looked TOTALLY COOL !!! I told you, I work with a very small area every day (you can imagine how big even the biggest mouth of human ever !), I also work with a very small part every day (teeth !!!), and sometimes even smaller (root canals !!!). If you see my equipments for work, the drills, the pliers, those stuffs ARE REALLY-REALLY COOL !!! Definitely it will be more exciting rather than sitting behind the desk with piles of paperworks ;)

3. And you have a profession (it's not job, it's profession !) which lotsa people sometimes scared of. They called this DENTOPHOBIA. And I believe, they will see that this profession is a really serious matter.

4. You can tell lies to polices, to everybody, but not to dentists. They are very good at analyzing. Maybe the best. Once you started to lie, with their magic instinct and anamnesa ability, you will get busted easily, ha !

5. Do you know that this profession, if you're really passionate into it, you can give the most expensive service ever ? So you can save most of your savings from dental treatment, because you can do it yourself !  (Or you can ask your colleagues to do it for free or at least, not too expensive for you, because you know the actual price ! hahaha...)

6. Wouldn't it be nice if you can tell to your friends : "Do you know who is behind Tom Cruise's smile ? It's me." Wow, sounds cool !

7. And guys !! You can easily attract girlfriends once you have a title 'dentist'. Trust me, a lot of not-a-dentist-or-doctor females out there are dreaming for having a dentist or doctor as their partners or their son in laws materials. 

8. And for girls !! A lot of people also demand a wife or daughter in law who is a dentist. Trust me, that female dentists look sexier with their mask, gloves, dentist coat, and their updo hair. Even sexier than bikini, guys ! Alert alert alert :)

9. When you mention 'dentist' as your profession, you will get 'that look' ! "Oh, you are a dentist ? I have a problem with my teeth...." (and there the conversations will continue...)

10.  You can attract your crush with free dental consultation ;) or even free whitening session. Many girls want that !

11. Someone break your heart ? You have your tools !! Drills, pliers, they can do their job nicely for someone who has made your heart suffer, hahaha...
PS : Don't forget to do it BRUTALLY

12. Maybe your kids will be the coolest kids ever since they're not afraid of dentists !

13. Nobody will put you down in medical field. Because you are also a doctor. You get the knowledges as well.

14. People can steal your money, but they can't steal your 'MAGIC HANDS TO HEAL PEOPLE'

15. You don't depend on others. You can work with your own knowledges and abilities. I can say, you can even get money from your own talent.

16. You will have an automatic ability to analyze small stuffs. Such as.... your first impression into people will be their TEETH. And maybe even you don't remember their names, but you will remember their teeth. See how amazing is that !

17. You will get so many interesting questions such as "Is chocolate safe for me ?" or "If I eat candy, will it destroy my teeth ?" or "What kind of toothpaste and toothbrush you will recommend ?" or even silliest question such as "Can you just pull out all of my teeth and replace them with dentures so I don't need to brush them again ?"

18. You can straighten someone's crooked teeth. Even make them get whiter. And even you can replace missing teeth with implants or dentures. What can be cooler than that ?

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