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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

dentist - behind the art work

Meet my patient, Engelbert. This awesome progress I have done within 3 months. I will post another cases -whether they're braces or invisalign (there are more and more invisaligns in my office. This amount are really awesome - since people want to treat their teeth in smart and beautiful way).

Let's take a look what we have intra-orally....

Before treatment and progress treatment. I took lower first bicuspids. And the result is really amazing. This one, I can say, a very nice case for treat. Seems very difficult, but in end, you will notice, in good hands, it will not difficult at all. Yes, the interdigitation part will be very difficult. But at least, patient will 'feel' your result in a very short time. Should I say wow for that ??

This art-work, is the only reason why I become a dentist. I hate surgery. I love artsy works. Making something ugly into nice one is definitely my favourite.

Lately, I use this colourflow composite a lot. I love the colour, actually. But most of all, it has no porosity like others.

This class I cavity in buccal side, I make a special heart-shape for my little patient, Kenneth. And he loves it !

He asked me to put another filling with colour composite. So I put this one in his occlusal surface. Nice colour, isn't it ?

Be a dentist, be a passionate one, and you can change a world. It's true ! To see every smiles after they walk in your office - what can be more wonderful than that ?