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Monday, September 22, 2014

happy - happier - happiest

Have you ever noticed that happiness come from ourselves ?

Lately, I learn that we can't put others to responsible to our happiness. Why ? First thing first, YOU SHOULD BE HAPPY WITH YOURSELF.

How could I manage that ? Well... I have several ways to be happy due the bad days, such as...
1. I read books.
2. I write. A lot ! Or I blog. It makes me happy.
3. I re-decorate everything in clinic.
4. I do patients. During the bad days, I spend most of time in clinic. I feel happier.
5. I listen to The Beatles. And my troubles will go away. Well, not immediately. But I will feel better.
6. I play piano. Or guitar. And sing like hell. Ha ha !
7. I drink coffee. And spend hours in my favourite cafe.
8. I dress up, put make-up, meet-up with my girlfriends.
9. I watch DVDs.
10. I meditate.
11. And do pray.
12. I play bookworm.
13. I buy books. It's kind of addictive for me. Or spending hours in bookstore.
14. I do nanoblocks !
15. I drive.

How about you, folks ?

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