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Friday, September 26, 2014

love yourself, respect yourself

Today I ate a lot of fruit, guava juice, got my massage treatment (and facial too !), had lunch all by myself, and went to clinic afterwards. I deserve this after a very hard(work) week. And next month will have several trips for lectures and courses. Aaaaaaaaaa.....
Can't wait for my fried noodle tonight after work !!!

I should treat myself with good books again (excuses, excuses, haha....)

I will take D to have a date tomorrow after clinic meeting. He is my little sweetheart!! And Seb called me this afternoon for playing golf next Sunday. I am blessed. Thank God for this wonderful life-family-friends You have given to me. Of course I won't sacrifice what I have right now for some stupid a**holes out there, sorry to say.... But for me, no place for playboys.
Dear men, if you think that you can buy someone's life -or someone's faith -or someone's respect with your popularity, your money, or your look, or your words, then you will become the biggest a**hole ever !

Respect comes by your attitude, dear.
Dear women, never ever give in your life to a man, and depend your life into him. Let him respect you, not treat you as a slave. Be his whore in bed, be his partner in good and bad times. Get his respect. 

And if he cheated you after all of this, leave him ! He doesn't deserve you. Or your love. Or your sacrifice. Sorry to say... But men who come only in good times, are not a man. At all. 
My heart goes to all ladies out there who becomes the victims of infidelity. Love yourself, and the world will love you back ~~

PS : I have changed my masks 6x until this afternoon and drink 1.5 litres water already. Way to go, clean and healthy face !

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