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Monday, September 29, 2014

me. today.

Never realized that playing golf was FUN !!!!
Yesterday I was playing with Seb. He was a very good golfer since he played a lot when he was working in Batam. He asked me to play in driving range because I was totally newbie and I could borrow his golf sticks. My hands were cramped after. But it was so much fun. We got sushi afterwards. Thanks for making my day, buddy ! He was always be there during my bad bad days.
And still, he never allow me to drive ! He's so afraid that I will die on car-crashed since last time I crashed a goat. Well.... few days ago.

Oh yeah, there are the goats !

I'm preparing lecture for October 2 (well, I'm not that kind of last-minute-person. I can't believe if you can make a good slides of presentation on D day - 1 or even D day - hours. Sorry to say !), approving and modifying all invisalign patients, and I listen to QUELQUES NOTES POUR ANNA a lot lately !!!

This song reminds me to someone who's inspiring me a lot to be stronger to face this life. Well, I know a lot of good men in my life. My parents, my best buddies, that's why I trust men a lot and thought that all of them were nice. Never realized that some of them were totally a**holes. I always care and never hate. But this time, deep wound makes me no longer care and hate some of them. Sorry guys !

Look what I had got from my dear maman and papa from France. They are Seb's parents. And they love to write me A LOT !!!

Sorry, not yet rotate it. French is so difficult to learn. Aaaaaaaa..... See the postcard. Paris !!!! Will go next year. With my dear baby !!!!

This was taken on November 2013 for a charity. Now, he's no longer a baby anymore !

But of course, he will always be my baby. My sweetheart. My everything~~ whatever happens, he is the one who will never break my heart nor disappoint me.
I plan to take another photoshoot with him because I wanna see him grow bigger and bigger.

I was sick since this morning. Since I had nothing to do and the fever had not gone yet, I decided to write a post in this blog. Don't worry patients, I will still come to clinic this afternoon. Jia you for me !!

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