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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

be better - not bitter

Welcome new life ! New passport ! New home soon ! New business soon !!!
And I'm so grateful, that finally I realized that I can put my dream, I can wish, but if it's not the right time - not the right moment, no matter how hard I pursue, stillllllllll.... it's not the right time.

Well, anyway...
Right now I do a lot of changes in my life. I go to bed earlier. I do meditation. I drink water 2 litres a day. I eat on time. I change my mask at clinic 5-10 times a day. And I don't keep myself work too hard. I do only orthodontic treatment, braces-invisalign, and some clients who are really-really fanatic with my treatment (no choice !).

Here are some quick updates behind my dental chair :))

I am really-really need invisalign treatment soon ! And as I'm a provider, I can get a very special price for this treatment. Yay me !!

I got this cute Oscar-replica when I was visiting Hollywood. Was an amazing trip. Definitely will go back !!!

My case today. Class II in disto-occlusal. Definitely not my favourite (I prefer the mesio-occlusal one). I have to bend my back, look everything from mirror-reflection, and if the patient is a big tall guy, I will definitely give up. Haha !

Finish with the preparation. I make a very long bevel in the surface.

This one is the most fantastic one. I put a yellow flowable composite from Rx. Very strong, yet a I can get a good esthetic result. I use this flowable colour composite many-many times. This one is definitely recommended !
And as a final touch, I try the Rx composite mixed with 3M composite. Still, 3M is my favourite. But the result is not that bad. And since this one is the 1/4 occlusal cavity with total loss of distal surface, I think it's a wise choice to put a very hard composite like Rx. 

Thanks my dear tools and equipments for this cavity filling. I heart all of you !!

I re-decorate my desk. Put some fresh ambience in my desk. I love them !

Need to working on slides for next lecture ! Again I will fly to Jakarta for this lecture. Definitely can't wait for that !!

Yes, I definitely need invisalign treatment soon.

I won't be sad for some stupid guys out there. Do you believe that what doesn't kill you will make you awesome instead ?
Yes, I'm one of them.

Surround yourself with positive people. And you will get the positive energy as well. Be better, not bitter. And all happiness will come to you. Welcome new life ! With or without you, I will be happy with myself (and D, my little sweetheart !!). As my bestfriend Seb ever told me : DON'T CARE !
And don't trust men !!! Some of them will say bullsh*t things about love. You don't want to get suffer, do you ? Come on, blue sky with beautiful flowers are out there. Put your smile and show to the world that you will get stronger than ever ! There will come a day, when a loving man who deserve your love and care will come.

And they won't take you for granted.

Yellow frangipani. These flowers smell so awesome ! Maybe even better than Sheer Beauty from Calvin Klein. Hahaha ! Why yellow frangipani ? Well.... I love yellow. It brings me spirit and new energy. Will plant them in my new house ! With the sunflowers of course !!!!

Well.... last but not least, forget it if you wanna see my tears. Because it won't be happen, my dear. Cry will cause wrinkles. And still, I don't trust men :)

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