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Friday, October 24, 2014

2 days off, yay ! :)

Bali and Singapore lectures both have confirmed today. Very proud and happy that I am being invited to Prime Speak Limited Invitation by Invisalign next month. Definitely will go and meet lotsa awesome colleagues there !!! Yay !!!!

I will take a break for 2 days since tomorrow is public holiday. Therefore, I will have a long weekend ! No work tomorrow ;) I will drive to the beach in Malang tonight after work and stay overnight to watch sunrise. There's a quite epic moment before I rent a room to stay. FYI, this beach is in a very VERY remote area in south Malang. No hotels, no cottages, so I will stay with local people. I called a number I got to get a right direction and of course.... to rent a room to stay.

And those villagers seemed UNFAMILIAR with tourits who booked a room in advance. While for me, I am a triple-check-planner. I have to plan everything in advance. Well, quite unbelieveable with their 'booking-system'. All of them were speaking in Javanese, so I spoke to them in Javanese as well.... And their booking confirmation is just : "Monggo mbak, langsung dateng." which means.... "Ok you can come."

They didn't even ask my name.... my address.... my phone number to re-confirm before the date. Ok, forget about the e-mail address. But at least, please ask me who I am and what's my number, guys.... How if you have prepared room and everything for me and I don't show up ??
I think, I should teach them strategy in business management.

But anyway....sun, sand, sea, here I come !!!! Woooooooohooooooo....

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