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Monday, October 06, 2014

fight for this busy week

I love reading books since I was teenager. This hobby is continuing until now. Unfortunately, I don't like to read e-books. It doesn't feel like reading books for me. And weird thing is, I love reading journals or dental articles in soft copy version. While for novels or others, I prefer them on hard copies. Maybe you will wonder, WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENCES ?
Well, that's why I'm telling you that it's weird, haha....

Anyway.... good news for this new week is, finally I can beat up all of the viruses. My immune system's is upside down within last week, and I ate a lot of fruit to boost it. I can't be sick. First, I hate being hospitalized. And second, I can't imagine that my job will pile up if I'm sick, I get more upcoming lectures, my patients, also field trip plan with my dental assistants and their family (will bring all of them to Bali for holiday this month !!!). So, yeah, I can't be sick.

Will fight for this busy week ! Another new dental units installment, a new place for living, another business plan to do. All hopefully will be checked by the end of the month. Jia you !

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