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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

hidden heaven in malang : kondang merak beach

This hidden heaven called Kondang Merak beach. Well... I am a beach hopper. I love sea and beaches. And honestly saying, it's the most beautiful beach I ever seen. All of these photos were taken by my cellphone camera with no filter. And I'm not a pro-photographer. Hahaha...

Not many tourists visited this beach. This beach was not as popular as Kuta beach or all beaches in Bali. But this one was awesomely beautiful -well, it's true. Laid in Hindia sea or Indonesian sea in south of Java island, the waves were big and very VERY beautiful. Definitely recommended for beach-lovers.

Amazing thing about this beach is.... you can see many beautiful rocks, corals, marine fishes, feel the fresh sea breeze in a beautiful beach which feel like a private beach because it was very quiet !! Lunch was awesome. One very big portion of octopus, and huge tuna skewers with unlimited rice for IDR 55k (it was less than USD 5).

To reach this beach, you will need A LOT OF EFFORTS !!! You can follow a direction to Balekambang beach, then you will see a very VERY small signboard written : Kondang Merak. And you will enjoy 4 km driving in a road full of rocks and stones. But the scenery was worth every journey. Glad I can make it !!!!

Kondang Merak beach. Quiet and beautiful

Building a sandcastle

Tres joli !

Beautiful corals
And the sea lays under my feet

Let me take a selfie !

Believe it or not, most of fishermen here are all christians

Huge plate of octopus !

Huge beautiful rock with sparkling sea
Follow me !
Sun, sand, sea !!!
Huge tuna skewers !!!

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