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Saturday, October 11, 2014

serial killer

Got a lot of kids coming to my clinic lately. Ok, kids are cute. They are lovely. Adorable. And so on.

But wait until they sit in your dental chair....

....well, some of them are still nice. Make up some words and play your poker face and everything will be fine. But some of them not. Not at all. They can turn you into a serial killer.

For me myself, I'm still OK with kids. While all of my colleagues in clinics, they avoid kids. See, kids ? Dentists are afraid of you ! Hahaha.... You must say WOW for that !!! 

I don't hate kids. Psychologically, I'm still can handle them well in my dental chair. A popular joke between dentists is, working with a cooperative kid is the best money-maker-ever (haha !!!). Everything are twice smaller, less treatment time, less material, less effort, everything are much more easier.... (if they can sit nicely and well behaved like adults do). The problem is if they are starting to become fussy and cranky. And everything will become 10 times harder. Be a serial killer will be your option, dentists.

Yesterday I got a kid with an early treatment concern from parents. This little client's behaviour was not really nice. Sometimes I forgot the word of PATIENCE if I have to work with very fussy patients. I started to raise my voice, and he became quiet. I don't care even he started to hate me or thought that I sound like his teacher at school. But with this kind of patients, you don't need to be TOO NICE. Too nice will kill yourself. Note this, dentists !

Well, back to Meijeer, my little client yesterday. He commented a lot that he didn't want to get an early treatment for his crowding teeth. He couldn't stop blabbering why his mom was taking him to this scary-auntie-dentist, and so on and so on. Hahahaha.... actually he looked cute when he was complaining like that. I almost rolled-out laughing while he's trying to negotiate with me.

Meijeer : "I don't want braces. I will not wear it !"
Me : "Well, I will put it in your mouth and unfortunately you can't take it off, dear."
Meijeer : "I will take it off !!!"
Me : "We will see if you can take it off..."
Meijeer : "I will ask my sister to take it off."
Me : "Oh, that's so lovely. Let me know if she can take it off for you."
Meijeer : "I hate you doctor !"
Me : "Thanks. You're the 100th kid who hate me. And I will give you a nice gift. A brand new wire."
Meijeer : "Aaaaaaa..... I hate you, I hate you. I will brush my teeth everyday so the braces will fall off."
Me : "Well, I love that. Brush your teeth everyday. But, unfortunately.... it won't make your braces fall off"
Meijeer : "Doctor, if I say that I love you... will you take off my braces ?"
Me : "Yes I will. After everything's straight, I will take it off."
Meijeer : "I love you doctor. Can you take it off now ?"
Me : "No, sorry. But I love you too Meijeer."
Meijeer : "Aaaaaaaaa..... You're a serial killer ! I hate my mom too."
Me : "I am. But I will make your teeth straight. And one day you will say thank you to your mom, because during your teenager age, you will become very handsome with your straight teeth and all of girls will like you !"

And he's stop complaining.

And anyway, he's still 8 yrs old. See how scary  adorable  lovely  well, I don't even can find any match words to describe him. Well, kids....

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