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Thursday, October 23, 2014

sneak in my chinese culture part 1 : being nice to people

I was born in a very strong Chinese culture, which inside.... we respect our parents a lot, we are being expected to be nice to people, we love to ask : "Have you eaten yet ?" and "Don't forget to eat" or "Please eat something", we care to each other, we have monogamous marriage, we believe red means luck, we are keepers of everything, we pray to God and our ancestors, and  have I mentioned that we are being expected to be nice to people ? 

It happens in my family, when we are having a big family gathering, we always bring something to eat together. It's kind of potluck tradition in western countries. Then we have a good laugh and chit-chat with everybody. EVERYBODY. Your aunties, uncles, cousins, and all relatives whom they have a very special nickname depends on their relationship with parents. Yes, YES ! You can't call all of your aunties with "AUNTY" or uncles with "UNCLE" just like that. For your curiousity, you can watch this for details.

Seemed complicated. But it's fun to have this culture in my family. And I love them. I respect all of them. For sure I have my own life, but still I respect and until forever, my life will be completed with them. F*ck with other people who pursued me to leave them. Blood is thicker than anything, dude ! And no other woman who will love you more than your mom. And your parents, brothers, sisters, all relatives will always stand for you no matter how big the thunderstorm will come to you. I am blessed for having this (big big big) family.

Respecting others and being nice to people is also part of us. Well, at least in my family root. We always treat our guest like a king. We always serve them the best. Cook them good dishes or treat them in a nice restaurant. Make sure that they're enjoying their stay. Show them around or take them everywhere they want to visit. Oh yeah, and we will never let them pay. In my family, you will see this A LOT ! That during dinner or lunch treat, everybody will fight to pay.   
And it's true. It's in our blood. Sometimes our guests even don't feel nice with it. But hey, it's in our blood. We treat our guest like a king. We put ourselves in the second row. So, stay out of your negativity thought. We do this everyday, everytime, to every guests. IT'S NOT BECAUSE OF WE ARE EXPECTING SOMETHING IN RETURN FROM YOU. Please note this. And I inherit this in my blood. I can't count how many times my dad always fight to pay with my uncles or his friends, colleagues. I told you one more time : It's. In. Our. Blood.
Period !

Ah yes, and we care. About each other. And there's one more thing. Chinese people don't throw away things. We fix everything. And we keep everything. Even plastic bags.

Anyway, have you eaten yet ?

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