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Friday, November 28, 2014

pain resistance

Last Saturday, I got my 4 first bicuspids extracted. In the same day. Done it in 30 minutes. I did it after I had done with patients. Seeing my 'insanity', my male colleagues asked me all the time : "Are you okay ?" "It's not only 1, but 4 !!!" "How do you feel after extraction ?" "Geez... if I were you, I think I will die. 4 extractions in a row !"

I can say that... women are stronger than men - when in pain. So yeah, I felt ok. No worry - even after the anesthetic effect had gone. This too will pass. And yes it's passed !

My very funny Greek patient, Mrs. G, told me that his husband can't stand on pain. At all.
"When he has a headache, he will act like the whole world is falling apart"

It's true, indeed. Haha !

I see in my clinic everyday, in general, female patients are more 'pain-resistance' than male patients. It's funny. Because men appeared strong to protect women. But admit it or not, maybe their strong appearance is 'just' an appearance. Indeed, they are the weakest creature in earth. Women can stay single and live independently in their own without men. AND if they have kids, they're still can survive for taking care of kids.

While men ? Well, I can say some of them will choose to seek for women to comfort and fill their own ego. They will feel safe when they have a woman  women who can comfort them with love and attention. Yes, women. Because it's in their blood that they need as much attentions as possible. From ? A lot of women. Oh, and they will not take care of kids. They love kids. But they won't take care of kids. For one or two days.... maybe they're still can deal with that. But forever ? Oh-hell-ooooooo..... Please don't leave me aloneeee.... I don't generalize. I know good men who are mature enough, but most of them are not.
They're simply animal, aren't they ?

Once my patient ever called me for an emergency. He said that his gum and teeth were IRRESISTIBLY painful. He can't eat and he thought he will die very soon because of that 

I -of course, imagined that the pain must be so awful. Can be a very acute periodontitis or pulpitis irreversible with spontaneous symptoms.

It turned out that it was JUST a 2mm x 2mm stomatitis. A very small lesion in his cheekside. Please let me repeat it : cheekside ! It's not even touch the gum.
See how men describe pain ???

Ironically, between men and women, they have huge difference in pain management.
Me as a woman, to get rid of pain, I always do this : acceptance. Aceept it. Then move on. This is how I manage pain and bitterness in my life.
Men ? They will try to get rid of the pain in the shortest and quickest way. As. Soon. As. Possible. Sometimes not by acceptance. But by creating another problem. It happens a lot in boys who trapped in men's body.

Therefore, no wonder if childish men will always try to find new girlfriends, wives, women, all the time. The more the better. While childish women choose to stay faithfully dumb and waiting for their only man whom they think that this man is one and only. The one who ONLY love them. The one who ONLY fight for them. And in the end, those pitiful women are the one who are working so hard in a relationship. Those pitiful women will not feel safe because they're afraid if their men will cheat on them which is actually happen, indeed ! Those pitiful women will always think that nobody can love their men better, except them. Those pitiful women will think that their men will be contented with their love ONLY. Those pitiful women will think that men will sacrifice for their women as equal as they sacrifice themselves for their men.


Men can't stand pain more than women. So they will do everything to eliminate and get rid of pain. No pain at all, if possible. This is the difference between boy and man in problem solving.
A childish one will selfishly thinking of themselves. As long as they're happy -other else who cares ? They always think for themselves first. Oh and they are good at blaming others.
Mature one will solve their problem wisely without creating another problem for others and will not hurt another human being.

While childish women feel the more they feel the pain, they should be sainted for their pain. And men should appreciate them for all of those pain. Or, at least understand. Or tolerate. Even naturally, women will resist more pain than men.
A weak women will show it, hope that their prince charming will come to rescue, beg for sorry and sympathy.
While strong women will not give any damn. They will manage to move on from their pain. And never look back.

How smart can you manage your pain ?

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

few memories from primespeak lecture

Meet my girlfriends from Singapore. Dedicated invisalign dentists from DP dental : Jolene, Pearlyn, and Fushi. We had a great time when we had OC course in Las Vegas too :)
Primespeak lecture was a wrap ! Met again with my awesome colleagues -platinum elite, platinum, and all dedicated invisalign dentists there. We had nice sharing and chitchat about cases and experiences. And nothing's better than having a good coffee with these good people. I had a great time in Singapore. And I heart all of you, friends !
With the magic of 'tongsis' a.k.a monopod, Dr. Berti took our nice-nice pic together. Here we are.... me, Dr. Bertina Djemat, Dr. Hilly Gayatri, Dr. Eugene Eu Loh Min, Dr. Michael Sernik, and my daddy Dr. Kenneth Lew. This picture was edited by Dr. Berti. Well done. It looked so cute. I mean, we looked so cute. Ahahaha...

Thank you Anne for being such a good personal assistant and arranged everything for me. One Farrer Hotel and Spa was really superb ! Worth my every seconds staying here since I spent most of my time in Singapore in this hotel due the tight schedule of lecture !!

A quality dinner with expert of TMD - Dr. Ade Amarhoseya, queen of invisalign - Dr. Hilly Gayatri, and passionist of endo - Dr. Farida. I can say that those women were inspiring ! Independent tiger women who work with passion and great spirit in dentistry. Meanwhile, dinner was a wrap ! The hairy crab, the sweet potato, the oyster omellette, the marinated jellyfish, the eggyolk spinach all was awesomely g-o-o-o-o-o-o-d !!!
But most of all, great friends and togetherness ! Indeed !

With Dr. Ade - one of my great inspiring colleague and friend. I heart your dedication and passionate in TMD and lecturing. Well, let see if we can make it together in future. Love you ! XOXO~

Finally I went to this skytree!! I was there last year but I didn't have any chance to see the lights at night. Now I'm going myself and also climb into the high bridge in top of the garden ! I'm glad I made it, yaaaay !!!!

A-sudden-pajamas-party ! Happy birthday dear Dr. Hilly Gayatri. Keep awesome and rocking in your career. Wish you all the best for years ahead ! XOXOXOXO

Have a nice day everyone !

Saturday, November 15, 2014

hello weekend

I am reviewing my slides this morning when maman called me that the postcards from Bali are well received !

I sent them when I was attending Japanese prosthodontic meeting earlier this month. I visited my grandma as well !!!! And this family reunion was awesome. I hopped on few beaches and of course I never get bored of walking along the sea.

Singapore is calling this week for Primespeak key opinion leader meeting. Can't wait for meeting my awesome colleagues there. Will see you soon, doctors ! And meet up with my girls after Primespeak lecture. XOXO... Can't wait for brunch chit-chatting with all of you, girls...

Just realize that I hadn't posted anything about Vegas course and my past lectures lately. I will definitely  post it during my spare time and will keep you in touch, readers.

Amazing view from Nikko hotel private beach

Thursday, November 13, 2014

getok tular

Boleh percaya boleh enggak, saya selalu yakin kalo pasien pertama hari itu adalah pasien penentu pasien-pasien berikutnya.

Kayak hari ini misalnya.

Pasien pertama diawali dengan kasus servikal berderet-deret. Sampe sekarang saya baru bisa mandeg, mata capek luar biasa karena pasien yang dateng kasus servikal semua. Pernah seharian saya ngegarap pasien anak-anak non stop. Dari pagi sampe malem, yang periksa anak-anak semua. Pernah juga seharian itu saya ngegarap kasus interdental dengan kavitas raksasa-raksasa dengan nomenklatur gigi yang sama.

Paling merinding kalo pas hari itu diawali dengan pasien bengkak. Bisa sampe tutup praktek, pasien bengkak kayak nggak kelar-kelar.
Ini getok tular ato apa ya ??

Jaman dulu waktu saya masih kuliah, kalo hari Senin udah apes pasien nggak dateng, ACC ngadat, bisa-bisa semingguan itu kerjaan klinik kayak nggak ada benernya. Dulu sih saya kira itu cuman sugesti. Tapi kalo dirasa-rasa, bener juga lho.

Nggak kok, saya nggak pengen balik S1 lagi. Cukup sudah cukuuuuuuppppppp.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

sneak in my chinese culture part 3 : those ultimate words

Not all Chinese do this, but since I was kid, I was being taught to always say these 4 ultimate words :

I'M SORRY, my or not even my fault. No excuses. 
EXCUSE ME, everytime you are being a guest into someone's house, or if you're invited to join a ride in someone's car. No excuses.
THANK YOU, period. Everytime. No matter they do good or bad things to you, ALWAYS say thank you. No excuses.
MAY I HELP YOU ? It's not a sugar-coated questions. I will help. With my very maximum efforts. Whether I like or dislike the person. No excuses.

And too bad, it's in my blood.  

If you are a Japanese, you will get familiar with this. Once we help people, we will help with maximum efforts until it's done. Believe-it-or-not, I get the same culture. Not in all part of China we have this 'totality-of-being-a doormat' kindness. It's a kind gesture, is it ??

And I should blame all estrogen hormon to create me and tradaaa.... I'm a woman. I involve my sensitive feeling into a relationship. Which will turn into a relationshit later for people who don't mean it. Or simply just take me for granted.

If you happen to know me quite well, you will see this in my daily life.

But oh, don't get scared,
I don't expect anything in return.
Even you take me for granted, I don't care either. It's in my blood anyway.

Thursday, November 06, 2014

why it hurts ?

I will give you several reasons for : why it hurts ?

It hurts because it matters. Well, yes it matters a lottle. It's like a little.... but it's lot !
It hurts because we care.
It hurts because we love.
It hurts because we sacrifice.
It hurts because we're only human.

In dentistry, to make everything painless, I can give an anesthetic. Therefore, you will feel only numbness and the pain will suddenly go away. The genious inventor of anesthetic should be sainted for this !

But not for human's feeling.....
And even for the strongest one, it will still hurt. Because it matters. While for the other side, it doesn't matter. Maybe....just maybe they had lost their humanity. Or, they're simply animals.

This I will tell you in my way how to make it less hurt.
Wear your best outfit, wipe your tears, put your smile, go to the beach, read good book, and love yourself more.
Or maybe you can sing a song. Play a song. Dance in rain. Live your dream. Work hard. Do bungee jumping. Cook. Sleep. And just don't care.

It's their lost, not yours. Don't let others sip away your happiness and enjoy your sorrows.
Enjoy yourself while it lasts !
And give yourself a blast !

Get out of your pain, leave all shits behind, and laugh more.
Nothing's good in taking care of assholes, you see ?

sometimes you have to get knocked down lower than you've ever been to stand up taller than you ever were. Remember that.