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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

few memories from primespeak lecture

Meet my girlfriends from Singapore. Dedicated invisalign dentists from DP dental : Jolene, Pearlyn, and Fushi. We had a great time when we had OC course in Las Vegas too :)
Primespeak lecture was a wrap ! Met again with my awesome colleagues -platinum elite, platinum, and all dedicated invisalign dentists there. We had nice sharing and chitchat about cases and experiences. And nothing's better than having a good coffee with these good people. I had a great time in Singapore. And I heart all of you, friends !
With the magic of 'tongsis' a.k.a monopod, Dr. Berti took our nice-nice pic together. Here we are.... me, Dr. Bertina Djemat, Dr. Hilly Gayatri, Dr. Eugene Eu Loh Min, Dr. Michael Sernik, and my daddy Dr. Kenneth Lew. This picture was edited by Dr. Berti. Well done. It looked so cute. I mean, we looked so cute. Ahahaha...

Thank you Anne for being such a good personal assistant and arranged everything for me. One Farrer Hotel and Spa was really superb ! Worth my every seconds staying here since I spent most of my time in Singapore in this hotel due the tight schedule of lecture !!

A quality dinner with expert of TMD - Dr. Ade Amarhoseya, queen of invisalign - Dr. Hilly Gayatri, and passionist of endo - Dr. Farida. I can say that those women were inspiring ! Independent tiger women who work with passion and great spirit in dentistry. Meanwhile, dinner was a wrap ! The hairy crab, the sweet potato, the oyster omellette, the marinated jellyfish, the eggyolk spinach all was awesomely g-o-o-o-o-o-o-d !!!
But most of all, great friends and togetherness ! Indeed !

With Dr. Ade - one of my great inspiring colleague and friend. I heart your dedication and passionate in TMD and lecturing. Well, let see if we can make it together in future. Love you ! XOXO~

Finally I went to this skytree!! I was there last year but I didn't have any chance to see the lights at night. Now I'm going myself and also climb into the high bridge in top of the garden ! I'm glad I made it, yaaaay !!!!

A-sudden-pajamas-party ! Happy birthday dear Dr. Hilly Gayatri. Keep awesome and rocking in your career. Wish you all the best for years ahead ! XOXOXOXO

Have a nice day everyone !

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