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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

sneak in my chinese culture part 3 : those ultimate words

Not all Chinese do this, but since I was kid, I was being taught to always say these 4 ultimate words :

I'M SORRY, my or not even my fault. No excuses. 
EXCUSE ME, everytime you are being a guest into someone's house, or if you're invited to join a ride in someone's car. No excuses.
THANK YOU, period. Everytime. No matter they do good or bad things to you, ALWAYS say thank you. No excuses.
MAY I HELP YOU ? It's not a sugar-coated questions. I will help. With my very maximum efforts. Whether I like or dislike the person. No excuses.

And too bad, it's in my blood.  

If you are a Japanese, you will get familiar with this. Once we help people, we will help with maximum efforts until it's done. Believe-it-or-not, I get the same culture. Not in all part of China we have this 'totality-of-being-a doormat' kindness. It's a kind gesture, is it ??

And I should blame all estrogen hormon to create me and tradaaa.... I'm a woman. I involve my sensitive feeling into a relationship. Which will turn into a relationshit later for people who don't mean it. Or simply just take me for granted.

If you happen to know me quite well, you will see this in my daily life.

But oh, don't get scared,
I don't expect anything in return.
Even you take me for granted, I don't care either. It's in my blood anyway.

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