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Thursday, November 06, 2014

why it hurts ?

I will give you several reasons for : why it hurts ?

It hurts because it matters. Well, yes it matters a lottle. It's like a little.... but it's lot !
It hurts because we care.
It hurts because we love.
It hurts because we sacrifice.
It hurts because we're only human.

In dentistry, to make everything painless, I can give an anesthetic. Therefore, you will feel only numbness and the pain will suddenly go away. The genious inventor of anesthetic should be sainted for this !

But not for human's feeling.....
And even for the strongest one, it will still hurt. Because it matters. While for the other side, it doesn't matter. Maybe....just maybe they had lost their humanity. Or, they're simply animals.

This I will tell you in my way how to make it less hurt.
Wear your best outfit, wipe your tears, put your smile, go to the beach, read good book, and love yourself more.
Or maybe you can sing a song. Play a song. Dance in rain. Live your dream. Work hard. Do bungee jumping. Cook. Sleep. And just don't care.

It's their lost, not yours. Don't let others sip away your happiness and enjoy your sorrows.
Enjoy yourself while it lasts !
And give yourself a blast !

Get out of your pain, leave all shits behind, and laugh more.
Nothing's good in taking care of assholes, you see ?

sometimes you have to get knocked down lower than you've ever been to stand up taller than you ever were. Remember that.

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