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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

be safe, zoe...

This QZ8501 was a real huge tragedy to Indonesia.... to Surabaya people....   
After one by one sad news since Sunday, today I got a shocked news from one of D's principal. She confirmed that one of QZ8501 passengers was Zoe, D's classmate. D's class in Prepper is not big. His friends are Stella, Caitlin, Rizky, Raj, Roshan, Siena, and Zoe. And as the class is not big, I know their parents quite well. Just last week the kids performed together in Christmas charity show - one of their school program. And that little girl, Zoe was there.... dancing together with D and their other little friends from Prepper class.

D, Raj, and Zoe in last Christmas performance rehearsal. My heart and prayer always be with you, cute little girl....

I was so shocked emotionally, because I know her quite well as D also meets her everyday at school. She travelled with her dad, the only Briton in that flight. I've never seen her dad before, but her mom and her grandparents are loving cheerful people.... and so as Zoe... What a tragedy....

I can't express how sorry and how sad I am.... As lot of friends, patients, people I know, also lost their relatives and beloved people. Hopefully there will be survivors as the rescue team now had found one by one deadbodies and wreckages in Karimata Sea. Still hope there will be a miracle. Still hope there will be miracle. Still hope there will be miracle.....

Or maybe they're just flying higher up there, in a very beautiful place named heaven....

That is why "have a safe flight"
"take care"
"I love you"
"please let me know when you've safely arrived"
means a lot.....
It could be your last goodbye

This is the most heart-breaking tragedy. My deep condolences for QZ8501, the passengers, and their beloved family....

Monday, December 29, 2014

have a safe flight, air asia QZ8501...

My thoughts and prayers go to all passengers onboard Air Asia QZ8501.....

I was terrified and cringed when one by one friends and patients told the story about their missing family, friends, relatives, beloved people who were on board yesterday.
The plane took off from my hometown, Surabaya, and it's a very very common route....  It's only Surabaya-Singapore.....
Plus, it's a good airline with good safety protocol.....
I travelled a lot with this QZ 8501, with also Capt. Iriyanto as a pilot.... This flight is so common.... I can be one of the passengers, or my relatives.... Oh dear God, how can it be.... how can it be....

Since last week, my patients had already talked about their holiday destination with their family. And Singapore was still the most favourite after Bali. I was looking for Surabaya-Singapore flight with Air Asia since I planned to take my parents for year end holiday surprise. I need 5 seats, but only 2 seats available at that time for 28th. And it was still October when I tried to book this flight. All 28-29-30 December's flight was not available. All was full booked. So I cancelled my Singapore trip and plan to visit my grandma instead.

What a tragic, it happened right in holiday season, when people plan to travel with their family for holiday. And Singapore is still the most favourite holiday destination for Surabaya people. It's very near, only 2 hrs flight, child and family friendly, and Air Asia is still a favourite airline. They normally take off at 7.30am, not as early as China Airlines 6am. And also not as pricey as Garuda Indonesia which has the same time schedule. But as I fly a lot with this airline, they sometime do reschedule. So maybe that's why the QZ8501 took off at 5.30am, not at 7.30am as usual...

Actually I couldn't sleep well the night before. I was widely awake until 3 or 4am. I read books, tried to sleep, worked with some of my patients' cases, tried to sleep again but still couldn't, watched tv, then I fell asleep for a while.... I wake up after a nightmare and I couldn't sleep again. I don't expect that I will get a sad news in the morning about Air Asia QZ8501. My heart bleed even more when I read the manifest list. Some people that I know.... Relatives of friends.... Relatives of patients..... May God always be with them, bless them, wherever they are. 
Dr. Jerry, my very good colleague from Singapore, and some of dentist colleagues abroad texted me right after the news spread on media. They immediately thought of me when the tragedy happened. Thanks Jerry and friends, you're so thoughtful, really.

That is why "HAVE A SAFE FLIGHT" mean so much. You might lost your loved one in just a moment....  Life is so fragile, isn't it?

Now, we only can hope for a miracle. Dear my friends and patients, my prayer always be with you and your missing relatives on board. May God always be with you and protect you. Amen.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

if you want to be, be !

Today, my little patient shared his hilarious dream with me :

"Doctor, I want to be a soccer player. A very professional soccer player"
Cute thing is, he is still 7 ! When I was 7, I wanna be a princess. Well.... just kidding. Actually, I wanna be a teacher. Why teacher ? Because another people were too mainstream. They wanna be doctors. And I won't follow the crowd. The crowd should follow me, hahaha...

"Wow, Hampton, it's so cool ! You don't wanna own a shipyard like mom ?"
His parents are the owner of one of the biggest shipyard in Indonesia. And normally, Chinese people will hope that one day, their children will inherit their business.

"No, I will let my brother to do the shipyard. I want to be like Messi and Christiano Ronaldo !!! They're very cool !!!"

"You will need to study very hard and practice more then ! I support you. One day, I can hang your picture in clinic, titled : Hampton - a professional soccer player, was here when he was 7 years old. Wow !!!"

He gave me his big and cute smile. I notice that kids nowadays, they are very smart. They speak english and chinese fluently. They can operate smartphone in a very fast way. And they know already what they wanna be in a real, serious way.

I started to think to become a dentist when I was 17. I spent my time since my first year in dental faculty, assisting my uncle in clinic, and started to carve hundred of teeth since then. Then it becomes my passion, my biggest passion. Until today. I serve one by one of my patients with lots of enthusiasm and passions. The biggest joy and pride is when they can smile happily with my service. It's priceless.... It's called happiness...

I feel blessed and lucky that I can have my hobby as my job. And even better, I can boss myself in my own clinic, I can do and decide whatever I want to keep this clinic move forward. I can take holiday just anytime I want. What can be better than this ?  So once I listened to my little patient, Hampton, I supported him to always chases his dream.

With a lot of passions inside, you can create beautiful magical things.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

basic tips for ladies

Dear ladies,

Be careful with your own dignity. Don't let any men flatter you with nice words, and nice compliments just to take advantages from you.

Men, not all of them are bad, but most of them are jerks.
You will be lucky if you can find one who isn't a jerk, who always stays by your side, who never leave you no matter happens, who is not telling you all the time to trust him -but he will prove himself that he's trustable, who is not telling you all the time to be a good girl and not dig in his past, who will not leave you in doubt, with a lot of questions in your mind that something's wrong is happening now.

I am not a man-expert, but I had met a biggest liar in this world, and through pain+sadness+tears+etc etc etc, I become a lie detector naturally.

Mostly, liars will be....

1. Talking about others' faults. Everytime it's never their fault, it's always others fault.
"My wife cheat on me....."
"She left me....."
"She never understand me...."
"She never cares to me...."

2. Very royal of compliments.
"You're the most beautiful woman I ever met, beautiful eyes, beautiful smile, bla...bla...bla..."
"I never feel a love like this before I met you"
"You're the most amazing woman I ever know ! Very smart, very passionate, bla...bla...bla..."
"Beautiful food. You always serve me the best !"

3. Very expert to make you fly up high in the sky.
"Don't worry baby, she's nothing compares to you"
"We can live very good, you don't need to work, you're my queen, I have a big house, car, bla.... bla... bla..."
"I miss you. So much. All the time."
"I want to know what's your favourite wedding ring."
*and send you flowers, or candies, or chocolates, or candle light dinner with no occassions* - please differentiate between being romantic and trying to invest to you so you can give him a good sex later.

4. Sometimes, you feel it difficult to contact him all the time.
"You know, I'm very busy. I will contact you later."
"I must work. A lot of things should be done."
but later on, you know that nothing's get done. So ? Yes, he's trying to get rid of you. To ? Maybe another girl ?

5. Good at manipulating your feeling.
"I'm sorry baby that I hurt you. It breaks my heart that I see you very sad...."
"Please don't be sad. I'm yours and only yours...."
Be careful if it had happened more than once.

6. He has no past. In the exact words : he will never tell you the truth about his past.
"Today is today. Tomorrow -we don't know. It's another day. So, don't bother with my past."
"I want to start a new life, find a new love."
"Never listen to others. Just trust me. Can you trust me ?"

7. You have a slight feeling that this man is too good to be true, but you just deny your feeling, and think that he loves you a lot.
WRONG. BIG MISTAKE. Trust your own gut and intuition. In the first sight, people will hide all of their flaws. But some people, they're just too good to hide their flaws.....forever.
And you will live in lie. Forever.

8. He starts to forget things.... Promises..... And told you some shits such as....
"I'm old. It's good that you are very young. With you, I feel safe and don't need to remember anything."
"Please remind me, brutally remind me. You're a very good reminder for me, baby."

9. He loves to punish people. Because he doesn't even feel that it's his fault.
"I won't talk to you, so you will learn something that one day you should listen to me."
"By this, you will learn something."

Indeed, a man who is truly loving you will tell you upfront about everything he doesn't like from you and still loving you - just the way you are. And man who is true, they will never forget their promises or their words. Women's big mistake is : they're too nice. Well, too nice is not a good thing. Too nice will not impress people. It means that you lowered your dignity and let others to take you for granted.

Once a man treat you like shit, just walk away. And never look back. I even never wonder how-why-when-what he's doing or so. I don't care, and I won't give myself any excuse.

It's simple. Difficult to do, but once you can burn all the memories or send him back all the stuffs, you will stand stronger. No jerks deserve every single teardrops from your beautiful eyes. Once you walk away and do your best, one day karma will do their job and if you're lucky, God will let you watch.