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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

basic tips for ladies

Dear ladies,

Be careful with your own dignity. Don't let any men flatter you with nice words, and nice compliments just to take advantages from you.

Men, not all of them are bad, but most of them are jerks.
You will be lucky if you can find one who isn't a jerk, who always stays by your side, who never leave you no matter happens, who is not telling you all the time to trust him -but he will prove himself that he's trustable, who is not telling you all the time to be a good girl and not dig in his past, who will not leave you in doubt, with a lot of questions in your mind that something's wrong is happening now.

I am not a man-expert, but I had met a biggest liar in this world, and through pain+sadness+tears+etc etc etc, I become a lie detector naturally.

Mostly, liars will be....

1. Talking about others' faults. Everytime it's never their fault, it's always others fault.
"My wife cheat on me....."
"She left me....."
"She never understand me...."
"She never cares to me...."

2. Very royal of compliments.
"You're the most beautiful woman I ever met, beautiful eyes, beautiful smile, bla...bla...bla..."
"I never feel a love like this before I met you"
"You're the most amazing woman I ever know ! Very smart, very passionate, bla...bla...bla..."
"Beautiful food. You always serve me the best !"

3. Very expert to make you fly up high in the sky.
"Don't worry baby, she's nothing compares to you"
"We can live very good, you don't need to work, you're my queen, I have a big house, car, bla.... bla... bla..."
"I miss you. So much. All the time."
"I want to know what's your favourite wedding ring."
*and send you flowers, or candies, or chocolates, or candle light dinner with no occassions* - please differentiate between being romantic and trying to invest to you so you can give him a good sex later.

4. Sometimes, you feel it difficult to contact him all the time.
"You know, I'm very busy. I will contact you later."
"I must work. A lot of things should be done."
but later on, you know that nothing's get done. So ? Yes, he's trying to get rid of you. To ? Maybe another girl ?

5. Good at manipulating your feeling.
"I'm sorry baby that I hurt you. It breaks my heart that I see you very sad...."
"Please don't be sad. I'm yours and only yours...."
Be careful if it had happened more than once.

6. He has no past. In the exact words : he will never tell you the truth about his past.
"Today is today. Tomorrow -we don't know. It's another day. So, don't bother with my past."
"I want to start a new life, find a new love."
"Never listen to others. Just trust me. Can you trust me ?"

7. You have a slight feeling that this man is too good to be true, but you just deny your feeling, and think that he loves you a lot.
WRONG. BIG MISTAKE. Trust your own gut and intuition. In the first sight, people will hide all of their flaws. But some people, they're just too good to hide their flaws.....forever.
And you will live in lie. Forever.

8. He starts to forget things.... Promises..... And told you some shits such as....
"I'm old. It's good that you are very young. With you, I feel safe and don't need to remember anything."
"Please remind me, brutally remind me. You're a very good reminder for me, baby."

9. He loves to punish people. Because he doesn't even feel that it's his fault.
"I won't talk to you, so you will learn something that one day you should listen to me."
"By this, you will learn something."

Indeed, a man who is truly loving you will tell you upfront about everything he doesn't like from you and still loving you - just the way you are. And man who is true, they will never forget their promises or their words. Women's big mistake is : they're too nice. Well, too nice is not a good thing. Too nice will not impress people. It means that you lowered your dignity and let others to take you for granted.

Once a man treat you like shit, just walk away. And never look back. I even never wonder how-why-when-what he's doing or so. I don't care, and I won't give myself any excuse.

It's simple. Difficult to do, but once you can burn all the memories or send him back all the stuffs, you will stand stronger. No jerks deserve every single teardrops from your beautiful eyes. Once you walk away and do your best, one day karma will do their job and if you're lucky, God will let you watch.


  1. Well, Apa yang ditulis disini benar. 7 dari 10 pria adalah bajingan tulen, 3 sisanya adalah cowo tomboy atau homo. Kalau mau cari pria yang baik harus mencari spesies ke 11, itupun kalau belum dipetik orang atau hidup selibat.

    1. Benar, pria sejati tidak menyalahkan orang lain. Dia belajar dr kesalahannya.
    2. Ya, pria yang baik memuji seperlunya
    3. Pria yang baik lebih ke tindakan
    4. Jika pria mencintaimu, dia akan minimal menanyakan kamu sedang apa? sudah makan?
    5. Aku tidak tau apa yang pria baik lakukan soal ini, kalau aku biasanya diam dan menerima omelan dari pasangan.
    6. Pria juga ingin kamu mengerti dia, untuk itu dia menceritakan pengalamannya :)
    7. True
    8. Harus buat catatan, kalau ga mau dilempar golok ama pasangan

    Aku bukan pria baik, hanya menemukan wanita yang membuatku ingin menjadi terbaik untuknya :)

    Happy hunting girls! :D

    1. Super sekali komentarnya, mas !! Terima kasih feedbacknya :))


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