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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

if you want to be, be !

Today, my little patient shared his hilarious dream with me :

"Doctor, I want to be a soccer player. A very professional soccer player"
Cute thing is, he is still 7 ! When I was 7, I wanna be a princess. Well.... just kidding. Actually, I wanna be a teacher. Why teacher ? Because another people were too mainstream. They wanna be doctors. And I won't follow the crowd. The crowd should follow me, hahaha...

"Wow, Hampton, it's so cool ! You don't wanna own a shipyard like mom ?"
His parents are the owner of one of the biggest shipyard in Indonesia. And normally, Chinese people will hope that one day, their children will inherit their business.

"No, I will let my brother to do the shipyard. I want to be like Messi and Christiano Ronaldo !!! They're very cool !!!"

"You will need to study very hard and practice more then ! I support you. One day, I can hang your picture in clinic, titled : Hampton - a professional soccer player, was here when he was 7 years old. Wow !!!"

He gave me his big and cute smile. I notice that kids nowadays, they are very smart. They speak english and chinese fluently. They can operate smartphone in a very fast way. And they know already what they wanna be in a real, serious way.

I started to think to become a dentist when I was 17. I spent my time since my first year in dental faculty, assisting my uncle in clinic, and started to carve hundred of teeth since then. Then it becomes my passion, my biggest passion. Until today. I serve one by one of my patients with lots of enthusiasm and passions. The biggest joy and pride is when they can smile happily with my service. It's priceless.... It's called happiness...

I feel blessed and lucky that I can have my hobby as my job. And even better, I can boss myself in my own clinic, I can do and decide whatever I want to keep this clinic move forward. I can take holiday just anytime I want. What can be better than this ?  So once I listened to my little patient, Hampton, I supported him to always chases his dream.

With a lot of passions inside, you can create beautiful magical things.

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