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Friday, January 09, 2015

FAMILY - father and mother i love you

Since one by one the AirAsia crash victims had identified, I realize one thing. We can lost people we love so suddenly. Yesterday they're still with us, and now they've gone forever.

Today I visit my parents before I'm going to work. I realize that I was giving them a huge shock few months ago by arguing them and planning to leave my family JUST FOR someone who doesn't even deserve....
Now I feel guilty and terrible. Now I'm fully understand that their love to me is so extraordinary. It's unconditionally....

After the storm had gone, I realize that my parents, my family, are the one who will always stand by me, no matter what. I was nearly cry when I was seeing my mom's smile, when I took her for the first time for having holiday in Singapore, Hongkong, Macau, Bali. And my dad, he's the only man who always call me all the time, to make sure that I'm fine. I feel awful that last time I had lost my mind  and having a huge fight with them. Even I dare to leave them.

When I was visiting a friend who'd lost both of her parents in that unfortunate AirAsia, I couldn't help my tears. Can't imagine if I am in her situation...

Sometimes I always feel that my parents are so selfish by controlling my freedom. Now I realize that they're doing so, because they love me so much. Or maybe too much. Even now I'm living with my own, they always accept me with open arms everytime I visit them.

I feel blessed that my family, they're all loving me even though I had hurt their feeling countless..... Always, guilty come after. Before it's too late, I commit myself that from now on, I will never break their heart anymore. I don't care even someone taught me to "demonstrate" my power in front of my parents, by leaving them. I won't do that.

Whatever happens, I will stay for them.

If you can't respect and love your own parents, if you can't appreciate your own family, you don't deserve any love from others. There's nothing can compare a mother's love. And 1001 men can lie to you, except your father.

Thank God for giving me the best parents and family in this world. How I can ask for more.... I'm beyond blessed....


  1. Hello I'm just a silent reader of your blog and accidentally found this blog when I googled something about my irritating tooth :). I am totally agree with what u wrote in this post, my dad died 3 years ago after battling with cancer of 8 years, 3 months before my daughter was born.. now my mum is the only parent I have.

    I sometimes do envy others who still have complete parents in their adulthood. . And my stupidity questioning God hehehe..

    Drg.Imi, be blessed you have both parents, same with u I have promised to take good care of my mom n not going to let her sad or disappointed tho it's not easy either. Well I was too late because I should have done it when my dad still alive...as what you said 1001 men can lie to you except your father. My dad cried with me when I cried aftee breaking up with someone.

    keep on writing ya..I like to read your blog..

  2. You are wonderful! Always love and appreciate people who love us, our parents, family, because we cant turn back time, isnt it?


  3. that's right because if we could turn the time back then we would fail to settle with those people we love that we have about everything hurt. only a reader


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