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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

flamboyant guys

Have you ever met someone, whom makes you awesomely believe in love and says to yourself :

"Yes ! It's him ! He's the one !!"

Someone that.....

Handsome, checked.
Charming, checked.
Romantic, checked.
Neat, checked.
(Seemed) mature, checked.
(Seemed) loyal, checked.

Seemed too good to be true ? DOUBLE CHECKED.

Is he for real ? Think again !
Especially, if he fall in love in 5 minutes with you OR not too long after both of you met FOR THE FIRST TIME, and started to give flowery words (and flowers too!). I name this kind of guy.... flamboyant guys.

These flamboyants can be looked so nice (and sometimes extravagant) to attract your attention. Wait, it's not only for attracting your attention, but other women's attentions as well. He can be deadly romantic because he knows, every nice women always be nice, rite ? And always have big heart to receive their apologizes, rite ?

BAM !!! He shoots you right in your heart. Nice girls love nice words. Yes, and you are a nice girl, very soft-hearted, kind, always serve your best to your man, and oh.... you'll never cheat. Once you give your heart, you'll give your whole heart and topic finished. 
Good catch. You're an easy prey for these flamboyant guys. They will simply tell you : "Nobody love me like you do." or "You're the most wonderful woman ever." or some kinda words like that.

I believe that nobody will be that oh-so-charming in this world. Check again.... Is he....?
1. Not live around you ? A.k.a. in a long distance relationship with you ? 
2. Making you feel not safe without any specific reasons ? And you're just can't explain why you aren't feel safe ? You're just wanna stalk about his past, or reading at his ex's blog or adding his ex in social media to 'find out about him more' ?
3. And everytime you start to not feel safe, he will soothe you with : "Don't worry baby, you're the only one."
4.  He seemed so distant in personality. Seemed like you don't know anything about him, except his ability in physical contact to you.
5. He's so easy making friends, so easy to like someone, so easy to fall in love to you ? Watch out....
6. His words seemed 'too good to be true' about his job, his work, his presentation, and he never share his disabilities. He always has words for everything to cover up something bad....into good.
7. And he can blame others, way tooooooooo easy. As if he's the most perfect man in this world.
8. And he loves to telling you this and that, as if he's paying 100% attentions to your health, work, future, etc.
9. Always 'punish' you when you don't listen to him. A rebel woman doesn't suit him.
10. And in the end, you have to 'admit-that-it's-your-fault'. And making you apologize for his fault and disrespect to you. It's never his fault, it's always others' faults - he said.
11. He can always make you trust him by not showing his dark sides at all.
12. Is he having a lot of fights with his mom ? Or his family ? If yes is the answer, be careful.... If somehow he never listen to the woman who's unconditionally loving him, can he pay respects to you who is "nobody" ??
13. Is he in 'process-of-divorce' and telling you that you're the one ? Pfffft, bullshit
14. Does he have lotsa ideas but always asks someone to 'work' for him ?
15. Does he love to touch you all the time ?  Especially when you are doubting him ?
16. A white guy in Asia, who doesn't have permanent residence or relatives in Asia and in not in holiday purpose. And what purpose do they come here ? Yeah, work hard, play even harder. Once they touch Asia especially for those who never live in Asia before, this place is an ultimate heaven for them. Cute asian girls who adore them and nice to them are everywhere. Who doesn't want ???
17. Someone who thinks that mixed-race are extremely cute.
18. Even you have shown your imperfections, he seemed very understanding and can accept you in every ways. Why ? Wo-o-o--... his imperfections which he hide are more extremes than yours, baby....

It's very easy to fall in love with someone who is too good to be true, someone who appears as a prince charming who can protect and save you, someone who makes you feel proud of. Ask yourself if you're really the only one..... or just one in a million ? 

Things which are easy come, easy go, rite ?

Someone who loves you in real will not give you extravagant words or gifts to show how much he care. He doesn't need words to explain how much he loves, or cares. But your heart will feel comfort and safe, because your own gut will say, "This man is a good man." He will not 'use' your feeling for his own benefits. Because he values his relationship with you. How can you recognize them ?

Easy. His actions will speak louder than his words.

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