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Saturday, March 21, 2015


Hello people ! Today is public holiday and it's definitely a perfect day forrrrrr BEACH !!!! I'm a beach hopper and today I visit the most breathtaking beautiful beach I ever seen. In my life.

It's definitely an awesome one. This one was taken with my pocket camera, with my poor ability as an amateur photographer hahaha ! But I'm still amazed that everything was nicely framed just like a paint ! You get the blue sky, the white sand, the aqua-turquoise sea with the white waves. When you see, you will believe. This one is the most beautiful beach I ever seen. With the most breathtaking waves I ever seen. And no, it's not in Maldives. It's not even in Bali. It's in Malang, the south part of East Java - INDONESIA. Will take 5 hours driving from Surabaya and the access to get there is not that lovely since you have to pass a real-trekking-route. BUT.... this will definitely paid off. You won't regret for every single scenery in front of your eyes.

Place : Goa Cina Beach / Chinese Cave Beach
Entrance fee : 5,000 IDR (around 0.3 USD) / car
7,000 IDR (around 0.5 USD) / person

The other side of Goa Cina Beach. So, in English.... rough translation, "Goa Cina" means "chinese cave". You will see a big cave where there was a chinese monk used to live there.  This legend was written in one signboard nearby.

The wave was real strong and beautiful. You won't believe your own eyes !!

I love beach. This one even more beautiful than any other beaches I ever known ! Sadly, no colourful corals or fishes here. But you will find more in Ngliyep beach. 
I will post it in different posting later on !

So this is the legend !! The chinese man in that cave named Hing Hok,

Another beautiful beach to hop ! Welcome to Ungapan Beach. The wave was dark brown and so was the sand. But still you can't catch the silence of this beach. FYI, these beaches are not still so popular among Indonesians, so you can taste the feel of private beach!!

Bajulmati Beach. As legend told, this beach was used to be a big swamp full of crocodiles. Bajul -crocodiles ; mati - died. The sand was dark and sooooo soft in your feet !

No need to go to heaven. The heaven is here, baby !
Place : Ungapan Beach and Bajulmati Beach (0.5 km)
Entrance fee : 5,000 IDR (around 0.3 USD) / car
5,000 IDR (around 0.3 USD) / person

Coconut trees !!! Who wants coconut ? The price for 1 fresh young coconut is only 0.3-0.4 USD !!!!

This one is also my favourite. Batu Bengkung beach !! As its name, you will see a lot of stones here, combine with beautiful searocks and waves. You just sit here and relax, since nobody was there ! You wanna own your own beach, buddy ??

Actually this beach is not as big as those previous beaches. But this place is so private and calm. You can hear the sound of waves very clear, with the sun soaked up on your skin. Just lovely !

Have a great day, people !!!

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