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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

normal vs abnormal

My deepest condolence to Germanwings flight 9525. It was a tragedy that the copilot himself was the one who crashed the plane. In purpose !
The world is going crazy ! For real ! 

I can understand that stressed people are EVERYWHERE. Even some of them don't realize that they are suffering from mental illness... But HELLO... we are living in world called society. You can seek for help, you can seek for supportive people who are willing to help, in short conclusion : if you want to, you can help yourself !

Mirroring from Andreas Lubitz's case, I believe that he knows himself what's going on wrong inside him. Some kind of bipolar disorder perharps ? Or something similar related. But he doesn't want to help himself. How come you refuse to stop your medication, Mr. Lubitz ? And even more sad that you were carrying 149 other "innocent" lives with you. This uncontrol "patient" can be dangerous from society. And since I learn a lot about mental illness, I know exactly how dangerous it can be -if you refuse the medicaments because indeed, you feel 100% OKAY. 

Not specifically mentioned, I know someone who got this kind of sickness. So yeah, he feels he's ok. He feels that others are sick. He feels that others can't understand him. He feels that he's normal while others are abnormal. He has a lot of energy, but in other side he can be the laziest person in earth. AND he believes that infidelity is a normal thing to do. He believes that cheating on his wife and sleeping around with a lot of women is a normal thing to do. He believes that by making others feel guilty and everything is not his fault is a normal thing to do.  He believes that everyone should pay attention and have responsibility for his happiness. He believes that everyone should follow his rules, otherwise, he doesn't want to be blamed if he gives a "punishment". He can be very romantic and in some way he can be very rude. And he's expert at cheating.
Sounds familiar ?

If you feel like you're that kind of one, PLEASE seek for medical help. So many naive people like me are treating this kind of 'sickness' with 'love-showering', huge attentions, unconditional love. And we end up with huge depression as well as you don't notice that your attitude is hurting lots !

I pay respect and give support for this, worldwide. I work as a caregiver since a long time. And I'm willing to help all people who come to me, even there's no dental related. But first thing first, you should consider and have a strong willing to help yourself, so you won't be a threat for another human beings. Will you ?


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