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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

platinum invisalign award

I'm so honoured to be invited as a platinum invisalign dentist. I was spending many years to learn and practicing invisalign. And can be serve my best for my invisalign patients, this event was definitely worth paid off !! I was also invited for clinical-cases sharing speech which was a total awesome. Hopefully can make it again next year !!

My Indonesian colleagues. Only 2 clinics from Indonesia were invited including Gigi Sehat Dental for coronation award. Thank you to my solid team and very well cooperative patients. All of you guys had supported me lots !!

Those awesome dentists were coming from Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. All top invisalign providers were there and it's so good to catch up again with you guys !!! XOXO

The next day, my ortho teacher Dr. Kenneth Lew invited me as a guest to join his sharing-case lectures in his clinic. Here I met a double qualified oral surgeon from Thailand, Dr. Kanita, and from Japan ! Thank you for inviting me, daddy Ken !!

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