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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

unsatisfy customer

I was so disappointed that last time I bought a lot of composites from a UK brand - DEN*** LI** SC*NC*S and it was turned out on huge disatisfaction later from patients. I was very fine with my 3M brand, Ivoclar brand, Tokuyama brand, and never having such errors. Maybe this brand targetted a low cost section something. Very unimpressed that I heard, they invited their sales to become a speaker in Indonesia. An unqualified dentist to do sales marketing. Ha ! Definitely unimpressed.

Sadly, I have to discard all those composites. Better I discard, rather than I use an untrust products with patent pendings to my precious patients.

PS : Don't trust this kind of marketers. They are all liars. I'm an expert with liars. So, don't dare to play with me *wink*

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