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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

tres surpris !

Got this lovely surprise from maman Andree and papa Christian !!!!!!!!  Merci beaucoup maman et papa. Jet aime beaucoup. Gros bissous !!!

And since they will come to Surabaya next month, think I should improve my francais religiously.

Anyway, yesterday I got a very lovely-cute client named Chloe. You know, I can't resist on cute things !!!

Ohhhhh my goodnesss....... she is a real sweetheart !!!!  

And I can't stop complimenting her mom on how cute and beautiful she was ! Kids are interesting for me, while for others, they are nightmares. Well said and done as dentist, I love to treat kiddos... Their small teeth, cute smile, beautiful ! And I'm crazy about profiles too. So, don't get surprised if I'm analyzing your teeth and smile.

Should prepare for my clinic's outing. This year we will go tooooooooo..... Central Java. Wo-ho-hoooo..... I had rent a big bus so all of my staffs can get their family along. Borobudur, here we come !!! Also should prepare for Hongkong immersion course. Can't wait as Dr. Yau is one of best invisalign providers in Hongkong. And I should hail invisalign's inventors for this very wonderful appliances ! It can work well for some cases which traditional braces can't treat.... And I must say that I love this appliance so much. It can reduce my backpain as I'm spending most of my time in clinic.

And last but not least, I will held a pizza party in clinic on May 23rd. A special compliment for my all invisalign patients and all patients in general. Stay tuned for further info !

Couldn't thank enough for every blessings in my life as I have met great and kind patients and people around.... Thank you for giving sweet compliments to my treatments. It's all because of God's will that I meet nice people and ditch me from bad people. Thank you, God.

Have a great day, people !

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