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Monday, June 22, 2015

waiting for my mid course correction

I'm waiting for my mid course correction now and as you can see.... i have a huge improvement already in my smile! I will do minor correction for correcting my upper anteriors torque which I know it will make my teeth look very nice.
Haha i really love this kind of job!!!

Bangkok flight booked already!!!! See you colleagues at G6 launching next month!

Monday, June 15, 2015

next month : bangkok

I was invited in G6 invisalign launching in Bangkok next month. So, Bangkok, here I will go !

Still consider to extend my 1 day visit to 2 or 3 days visit to visit my colleagues' clinics in Bangkok. They had invited me many times -but I hadn't had any chances yet. But this time, I will try my best to make it ! good friend of mine also invited me to visit his clinic in Cambodia. Well, let's see how !

Any suggestion about this city will be greatly appreciated :)

Sunday, June 14, 2015

7 months with invisalign

7 months already with invisalign !!! Can you say already that my smile has improved a lot ??

Here is the resume I wanna share with you all !
My before and progress pictures

The hard work was really paid off when I see the results now. I wish I had done this treatment earlier. I was being analyzed by other colleagues in every symposiums, in every meetings, on how bad my open bite was. And now, they saw a very good improvement from my occlusion and profile - which is great ! Thank you for keep encouraging and supporting me to treat my challenging case!

Monday, June 08, 2015

hello again, hongkong !

Very tight schedule with lecture and patients appointments in this month. Glad to have a short lecture trip to Hongkong again. Pardon my tired bare face.

I was having invisalign study club in my east office yesterday. Will upload some pics later !

Friday, June 05, 2015

it's all coming back to me now

It was you who came into my dream last night. And it's all coming back to me now. I woke up shaking, with mind running, and shedding tears....

It was ages since our last talk, our last meet, our last hug, our last kiss, our last togetherness, our last calls, our last texts, and after all of these bittersweet memories, we were walking back and back in opposite directions. Not even say a hello.
And you were coming in my dream.... like a ghost from my past.

I was a totally loser regarding to love, feeling, and all of those cheesy stuffs. I can say that I will be completely stupid idiot when I fall in love. Behind a very strict dentist who wants to do anything perfect, I am a completely weak-naive young girl. 

It's true that time will heal. Time will cover up all the wounds.
It's true....

Indeed, I had forgiven you. I had made peace with my trouble past. Even I wished that I never met you.... but still I can't erase you. Because of you, I become stronger and more mature than yesterday. If it's not because of you, I will not learn to forgive and forget. If it's not because of you, I will not be here, facing hundred of patients with their own problems, with their own characters, and trying to solve all of their problems.
If it's not because of you, maybe I will still believe in fairy-tale, and forget that I live in real world.

You came so close in my dream. Looked so real. Made me hard to breath when I was surprisingly wake up.... Heart was beating so fast as if you were in front of me. And all the rendezvous, all the memories were coming back to me.

I put your name in my prayers everyday, even until today. Hope for your happiness, with whoever and wherever you are, my dear.

Pardon my cheesy-ness today. I'm only human, after all.