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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

coffee break

If I'm not working with patients, reading, or doing pilates, perharps you can find me sitting alone in corner of a coffeeshop nearby my office, sipping my favourite caffe latte with caramel - and updating my blog like now.

I love to use my favourite name to order my coffee. Its funny on how the baristas know me as : EVELYN or Angeline, Elaine, and Giselle -sometimes. Hahaha....

So tomorrow I will leave on 10am to Bangkok. Will stop over in Singapore, my favourite and unfavourite airport in the same time. Being in Singapore airport will throw me a lot of rendezvous memories. Anyway.... wish me luck for the lecture tomorrow ! And guess what, I will meet a new friend there on 31st ! Cant wait to have a one day Bangkok tour with her :))

Coming up soon after Bangkok, will be Jakarta lecture. No - thank you, I won't stay overnight there if not necessary. So as usual, I will depart early in the morning and will fly back to Surabaya in afternoon time -and if possible, I will do some patients in clinic. Work hard, and yes I'm enjoying my mobility. Have a great day on your own, people ! 

Monday, July 27, 2015

8 months with invisalign

So this is my current progress. 8 months with invisalign. Left one was me before. I am fully satisfied with the result. Now I'm working with my class II elastics and if you see carefully,  I have improved my upper lip now.

Ah yes, I was so ugly before ! My retroclined upper lip made me looked realllllllly old. Now, my upper lip muscle won't work so hard when I smile. See how fantastic this appliance and I wish I had started this treatment much much way earlier !

PS : if my ex saw this progress picture, I believe he will regret that he left me broken hearted before :))

PPS : i'm just kidding :p

Thursday, July 23, 2015

just extract this d*mn tooth !

So yesterday, a senior chinese couple walked in to my clinic. They lady has become my patient already for several years. She accompanied her husband whom I have never treated before.

I will write in different posting on how you can manage chinese patients (chinese means : a really traditional chinese one - who will never even say hello to you until one day all the teeth are shaking and ready to be extracted are having some problems.

Once he stepped in, he mentioned out loud already : "i want you to extract this tooth. Its shaking."
He pointed on lower left canine. It got 3' mobility. Easy peasy case. But....

As a normal procedure, I recommend him to check for everything first : sugar blood, blood pressure, etc. And as i had guessed, he rejected.

"Can you just go straight pull out this tooth?"

"You are so lousy. My previous dentist always pull out my teeth without this and that procedures."

"I'm very healthy! Can you see that? Never have headache, high blood pressure, high blood sugar."


Telling you the truth,  some practical-mind-concept of asians is the worst thing that you can see if you do dental practice in south east asia. They dont mind -and even suggest you - to skip all the standard procedures and go straight the point. Some patients will bring their chipped tooth and ask you to GLUE it back. And theyre really mean it. I know that patients are our customers. But hey, who is the dentist here? I have the knowledge. But it will be complicated if you meet some kind of stubborn chinese patients. They will shit your knowledge and want everything to meet their demand. 

And even worse if your appearance is young. Or younger than them. 

I didnt argue more. I asked my nurse to check on his blood pressure. And its turned out he got 220/150 mmHg.

Great! Once i put injection, he can be either get shocked or stroke.

"You see doc, Im very healthy. Never been sick. Never taken any medicine. And im drinking beer. So what ????"

I am fully understand that this kind of people always feel healthy. How do they know? They have never checked it up before. Once i told him that he got a high blood pressure, he didnt even get scared or what. 

"Oh i don't believe that. I never had a high blood pressure. I even never had a headache!"

In end I postponed the extraction and asked him to take the HBP medicament before proceeding the extraction. And newest info I got from my nurse, he cancel our next week appointment because he had extracted that tooth by HIMSELF last night. 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

tick-tock !

I had spent a long day at clinic yesterday  (well...actually everyday !! Haha :D) and my chiropractor sent me a very encourage message at around 10pm+.

He texted me : "don't work too hard doc. Take some holiday. I have never seen you leaving your office."

Talking about work, actually my body was designed for work. On 6am i land on yoga mat, doing yoga, continue with pilates, shower,  morning meeting with my assistants (or i can say : morning huddle), start with my patients appointments, lunch, back again with patients, finish my work at around 10pm-11pm+, shower, dinner (or sometimes i skip my dinner), sleep, and back again. I do this as a routine and its my pleasure that i always can be here for my patients.  When i must take some lecture trip, it is time for me to take a break for a while. And thank God that I'm still alive!!!

Public holiday is coming soon. My secretary,  Daisy will spend her time to accompany me with all paperwork before my next lecture trip to Bangkok (thank you,  my dear !)

It's so hard for me to get over my job. Well, i was being left brutally by someone i love. Then i stared to kick my ass again to back on track on my clinic. And my job as a dentist is my best "lover" ! Ever! I think i can marry my job, ha-ha ! At least, my job wont leave me brutally. I don't say this as a broken heart revenge, though everybody told me so. It's a good therapy for me indeed! Rather than staring at old photographs and spending my day with cry !!!! (Haaaaaaa.... im not that kind of woman, really !!!!). My sensitivity and my kind heart had left somewhere, all the feelings blurred and blended already, maybe im a woman without love now (but i still cry when im watching Scent of a Woman !!!) Yayaya, at least im creating some wonderful smile from my magical hands, at least. Well, so.... not too bad huh?

And i believe that one day, some miracle will happen to me. Tick-tock!!

Monday, July 06, 2015

a life-changing smile

This can be the reason of why i love my invisalign treatment so much ! The closing-bite is perfect! And before i am having my mid course correction, I put no class 2 elastics for my own case. Which means that all the aligners were well-tracked !

I really love my bite now. Plan to put class 2 elastics on my MCC, and cant wait for the result. Guess what? This is life changing ! Well, you can invest on branded stuffs, but have you ever thought to invest on you? On your health? I meet a lot of well fashioned people, but when they smile and it looked awful, I felt so pity of them. Since i had learned a lot about facial profile and optimized occlusion,  I pay a lot of attentions to finish all of my patients cases perfectly. I will push myself into my limit and serve them my best.

And this is something that i will do til the rest of my life. I will treat everybody as if its my own teeth. And that is what im doing now...

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

kecuali kamu

Kecuali Kamu https://youtu.be/cccW6vIPGzQ

Ku bisa hadapi perihnya terluka
Yang pernah ku rasa di waktu dulu
Sakitnya sakit sudah ku rasa
Dengan yang dulu, dengan yang dulu

Ku pernah tersenyum waktu di hatiku
Lagi hancur lebur berkeping-keping
Pahitnya pahit sudah ku rasa
Dengan yang dulu, dengan yang dulu

Kecuali kamu, cuma sama kamu
Kecuali kamu, sakit sekali, sakit sekali

Tuhan tolong aku, bisakah ku minta
Janganlah kau beri sakit yang ini
Cintaku hanya yang satu ini
Ku belum pernah, ku belum pernah

Kecuali kamu, cuma sama kamu
Kecuali kamu, aku tak mengerti
Mengapa ku rasa sakit sekali mencintaimu

Kecuali kamu, cuma sama kamu
Kecuali kamu, aku tak mengerti
Mengapa ku rasa sakit sekali mencintaimu, mencintaimu

Kalau saya bilang, lirik lagu ini nendang. Banget !! Well, I like this song - even more the lyric. It reminds me of you! 

susuk removal

My best friend was coming from Singapore to be an invited speaker in invisalign study club international speaker batch 1. Felt honoured that it was held in my clinic and today will have another lecture for batch 2. God speed for today!!!!

This very first afternoon case after lecture will be.....A susuk removal!!!!
Geez...i really can't find any international word for 'susuk'. So, in ancient times, local indonesians had a belief. That they can be stronger, or looked more beautiful, if you did the magical stuff named 'susuk'. Its really2 unbelievable!  I didn't even get it in my logic on how they can put all the stuffs inside their body. Things can be vary, such as needles (????? Needles ???? Sooo scary), metals, diamonds, etc. They will stay in some part of body magically. And this patient who will do susuk removal had suffered for many years for headache and neckpain. And this thing, you can only see in Indonesia !!! After my bro took the xray, we found out a lot of susuk in her sinus, jaw, and teeth.

So today after the lecture, my uncle and my big bro told me to come to east clinic to watch how they will do the removal procedure. They will invite one person who 'might' can remove all those 38 susuks inside. And believe it or not, its non dental related person. Its more to mystical person who plan to remove all the susuks from our patient with.......water.

just water???? Whoa whoa whoaaaaa.... I can't Imagine on how he can remove all of those creepy stuffs just with water....and a prayer.
we will see later, this will be an interesting case!

welcome july

Bali flight has booked. Shortly, I will come to visit youuuuuu, schatzi. How does heaven feel? Visit me in my dream sometimes, will you? Everytime i watch at the blue sky and sea, it reminds me of you. Just hope that God will not take you that early. Why He didn't take me as a return? Ahhh... life is full of misteries (and miseries) - is it?

Welcoming July. My month, your month, ♡♡♡ a real good start that i was having  a nice chitchat with my patient.... And she was showing me her picture. Showing me on how happy she is with her new smile. Even she made a side to side before and now pictures. The result was really fantastic. My pleasure if i can do my best for you, Mam :) under her permission, i will share her case for my next lecture or study club. Will be very interesting! Too bad i can't join last summit in Vegas. But will be a lot of chances later on!

I miss youuuuuu schatzi. Wish me tons of luck for all of my work and lecture in this month!!