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Monday, July 06, 2015

a life-changing smile

This can be the reason of why i love my invisalign treatment so much ! The closing-bite is perfect! And before i am having my mid course correction, I put no class 2 elastics for my own case. Which means that all the aligners were well-tracked !

I really love my bite now. Plan to put class 2 elastics on my MCC, and cant wait for the result. Guess what? This is life changing ! Well, you can invest on branded stuffs, but have you ever thought to invest on you? On your health? I meet a lot of well fashioned people, but when they smile and it looked awful, I felt so pity of them. Since i had learned a lot about facial profile and optimized occlusion,  I pay a lot of attentions to finish all of my patients cases perfectly. I will push myself into my limit and serve them my best.

And this is something that i will do til the rest of my life. I will treat everybody as if its my own teeth. And that is what im doing now...

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