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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

coffee break

If I'm not working with patients, reading, or doing pilates, perharps you can find me sitting alone in corner of a coffeeshop nearby my office, sipping my favourite caffe latte with caramel - and updating my blog like now.

I love to use my favourite name to order my coffee. Its funny on how the baristas know me as : EVELYN or Angeline, Elaine, and Giselle -sometimes. Hahaha....

So tomorrow I will leave on 10am to Bangkok. Will stop over in Singapore, my favourite and unfavourite airport in the same time. Being in Singapore airport will throw me a lot of rendezvous memories. Anyway.... wish me luck for the lecture tomorrow ! And guess what, I will meet a new friend there on 31st ! Cant wait to have a one day Bangkok tour with her :))

Coming up soon after Bangkok, will be Jakarta lecture. No - thank you, I won't stay overnight there if not necessary. So as usual, I will depart early in the morning and will fly back to Surabaya in afternoon time -and if possible, I will do some patients in clinic. Work hard, and yes I'm enjoying my mobility. Have a great day on your own, people ! 

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