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Thursday, July 23, 2015

just extract this d*mn tooth !

So yesterday, a senior chinese couple walked in to my clinic. They lady has become my patient already for several years. She accompanied her husband whom I have never treated before.

I will write in different posting on how you can manage chinese patients (chinese means : a really traditional chinese one - who will never even say hello to you until one day all the teeth are shaking and ready to be extracted are having some problems.

Once he stepped in, he mentioned out loud already : "i want you to extract this tooth. Its shaking."
He pointed on lower left canine. It got 3' mobility. Easy peasy case. But....

As a normal procedure, I recommend him to check for everything first : sugar blood, blood pressure, etc. And as i had guessed, he rejected.

"Can you just go straight pull out this tooth?"

"You are so lousy. My previous dentist always pull out my teeth without this and that procedures."

"I'm very healthy! Can you see that? Never have headache, high blood pressure, high blood sugar."


Telling you the truth,  some practical-mind-concept of asians is the worst thing that you can see if you do dental practice in south east asia. They dont mind -and even suggest you - to skip all the standard procedures and go straight the point. Some patients will bring their chipped tooth and ask you to GLUE it back. And theyre really mean it. I know that patients are our customers. But hey, who is the dentist here? I have the knowledge. But it will be complicated if you meet some kind of stubborn chinese patients. They will shit your knowledge and want everything to meet their demand. 

And even worse if your appearance is young. Or younger than them. 

I didnt argue more. I asked my nurse to check on his blood pressure. And its turned out he got 220/150 mmHg.

Great! Once i put injection, he can be either get shocked or stroke.

"You see doc, Im very healthy. Never been sick. Never taken any medicine. And im drinking beer. So what ????"

I am fully understand that this kind of people always feel healthy. How do they know? They have never checked it up before. Once i told him that he got a high blood pressure, he didnt even get scared or what. 

"Oh i don't believe that. I never had a high blood pressure. I even never had a headache!"

In end I postponed the extraction and asked him to take the HBP medicament before proceeding the extraction. And newest info I got from my nurse, he cancel our next week appointment because he had extracted that tooth by HIMSELF last night. 

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