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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

susuk removal

My best friend was coming from Singapore to be an invited speaker in invisalign study club international speaker batch 1. Felt honoured that it was held in my clinic and today will have another lecture for batch 2. God speed for today!!!!

This very first afternoon case after lecture will be.....A susuk removal!!!!
Geez...i really can't find any international word for 'susuk'. So, in ancient times, local indonesians had a belief. That they can be stronger, or looked more beautiful, if you did the magical stuff named 'susuk'. Its really2 unbelievable!  I didn't even get it in my logic on how they can put all the stuffs inside their body. Things can be vary, such as needles (????? Needles ???? Sooo scary), metals, diamonds, etc. They will stay in some part of body magically. And this patient who will do susuk removal had suffered for many years for headache and neckpain. And this thing, you can only see in Indonesia !!! After my bro took the xray, we found out a lot of susuk in her sinus, jaw, and teeth.

So today after the lecture, my uncle and my big bro told me to come to east clinic to watch how they will do the removal procedure. They will invite one person who 'might' can remove all those 38 susuks inside. And believe it or not, its non dental related person. Its more to mystical person who plan to remove all the susuks from our patient with.......water.

just water???? Whoa whoa whoaaaaa.... I can't Imagine on how he can remove all of those creepy stuffs just with water....and a prayer.
we will see later, this will be an interesting case!

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