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Thursday, July 16, 2015

tick-tock !

I had spent a long day at clinic yesterday  (well...actually everyday !! Haha :D) and my chiropractor sent me a very encourage message at around 10pm+.

He texted me : "don't work too hard doc. Take some holiday. I have never seen you leaving your office."

Talking about work, actually my body was designed for work. On 6am i land on yoga mat, doing yoga, continue with pilates, shower,  morning meeting with my assistants (or i can say : morning huddle), start with my patients appointments, lunch, back again with patients, finish my work at around 10pm-11pm+, shower, dinner (or sometimes i skip my dinner), sleep, and back again. I do this as a routine and its my pleasure that i always can be here for my patients.  When i must take some lecture trip, it is time for me to take a break for a while. And thank God that I'm still alive!!!

Public holiday is coming soon. My secretary,  Daisy will spend her time to accompany me with all paperwork before my next lecture trip to Bangkok (thank you,  my dear !)

It's so hard for me to get over my job. Well, i was being left brutally by someone i love. Then i stared to kick my ass again to back on track on my clinic. And my job as a dentist is my best "lover" ! Ever! I think i can marry my job, ha-ha ! At least, my job wont leave me brutally. I don't say this as a broken heart revenge, though everybody told me so. It's a good therapy for me indeed! Rather than staring at old photographs and spending my day with cry !!!! (Haaaaaaa.... im not that kind of woman, really !!!!). My sensitivity and my kind heart had left somewhere, all the feelings blurred and blended already, maybe im a woman without love now (but i still cry when im watching Scent of a Woman !!!) Yayaya, at least im creating some wonderful smile from my magical hands, at least. Well, so.... not too bad huh?

And i believe that one day, some miracle will happen to me. Tick-tock!!

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