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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

welcome july

Bali flight has booked. Shortly, I will come to visit youuuuuu, schatzi. How does heaven feel? Visit me in my dream sometimes, will you? Everytime i watch at the blue sky and sea, it reminds me of you. Just hope that God will not take you that early. Why He didn't take me as a return? Ahhh... life is full of misteries (and miseries) - is it?

Welcoming July. My month, your month, ♡♡♡ a real good start that i was having  a nice chitchat with my patient.... And she was showing me her picture. Showing me on how happy she is with her new smile. Even she made a side to side before and now pictures. The result was really fantastic. My pleasure if i can do my best for you, Mam :) under her permission, i will share her case for my next lecture or study club. Will be very interesting! Too bad i can't join last summit in Vegas. But will be a lot of chances later on!

I miss youuuuuu schatzi. Wish me tons of luck for all of my work and lecture in this month!!

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