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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

baby dental care

My very cute patient this morning !!!!

So today is quite a hectic one since morning. I skip my pilates class and struggle in office already since 7am. My beautiful assistants had scheduled me a hectic morning. But great to have this little cutie pie in noon time.

And great that now I'm having 20 minutes break time to update my blog hahaha...

She had become my patient since she's 6 months old and look at her now.... very2 cute and smart in her 3yo age. I woof you so much Mibelle *kisses*

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Friday, August 21, 2015

dental assistants

If you are a dentist, and you are a clinic owner, more-likely you will struggle with your human resources : associates, dental hygienists, dental assistants, receptionists, helpers, etc. You will squeeze your brain out on HOW to manage them to make sure that they will fulfill your clinic's standard.

And believe me, struggling with Indonesian dental assistants is a nightmare. Especially if she is someone whom you picked up randomly from the street. I mean : no any dental assistant's educational background.

One day I ever trained 3 new assistants. 1 candidate fainted after 5 patients in a row. 1 candidate didn't show up in next day without any further explanation. And another candidate gave me a call. Apologized that she didn't want to take this job with the most ridiculous reason I ever heard : "Doc, I can't stand on seeing saliva. For me, it's disgusting."
Oh, alright.... good to know. Because sometimes you will see blood too !

Well, it's just a clinical problem. Further more, I have to teach them too to :
1. Greet my patients. Friendly, nice, polite, and not too much.
2. Dress up. And put some make up. And to updo their hair.
3. To work fast. I just can't stand on slow people. Idiot will make it even worse.
4. Use smartphone. Nowadays, my patients are all smartphone-users. And it's more convenient to remind them through whatsapp / line / viber / email instead of giving them a shocking call while they were having an important meeting -let's said.
5. To schedule my patients -which is a very very tough thing to do. I train them to simulate and simulate everything related on scheduling appointment. Because it's the hardest. They know that I don't like if I must do 5 consultations in a row, or 3 surgeries in a row, etc.
6. To speak in english. And some patients are speaking chinese.

For these reasons, I prefer to hire someone who can fulfill my standard. And it's so hard to find in Indonesia. Especially if you must struggle with local human resources who have no ambitions. Haha, but my Singaporean, Malay, Thai, and Viet colleagues are also sighing the same thing about their assistants too. Same problems in every south east asia countries. Once we ever talked about it and we couldn't stop laughing on how desperate Phuong -one of my colleague from Vietnam-. He wanted to hire anyone except Viets because he couldn't tolerate the idiot level of his locals anymore.

"She cleaned impregum that hadn't set yet with my saliva ejector and it blocked off my dental unit."
"She scheduled a child patient with no emergency issue at 10.30pm."
"She gave a reminder call to my patient at 11pm for next week appointment. 3 times in a row !"

Alright, I agree. This one was awesomely idiot. You should kick her out, Phuong !

My senior assistants are good. Now. Ya, now I can sleep well because they can manage my schedule much way better. But I also found hard times too during their first year. Training someone who is totally blind in dentistry is a real tough job. They also can train my newbies now which can save up my time and energy.

But I had invested a lot of mind and energy previously. And it's not easy. Even until today, teaching them to speak in english fluently can me scratch my own skins. But I think, as long as they have a strong willing to learn and still in the tolerable level of idiotness, you can manage to train them.

And don't forget to give them rewards too. I make a routine appreciation team gathering twice in year  so they won't curse you as an evil boss.  Having holiday together with your team is important. Be a wise leader, life is short !

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

jakarta lecture confirmed

Jakarta lecture confirmed and I will prepare some of my difficult cases for that advanced lecture.

I can't wait!!!!!

First time after a year I will extend my visit for fun. So after lecture, I plan to visit several friends' clinics as they had invited me to drop by. And my lovely Elizt will assist me for cafe tour during my visit. Isn't it lovely???

The book has done!!!! Thanks for AZ and vietbitch for keep inspiring me. In summary, I write about relationship between men and women. I wish both of them can get a good psychiatrist in Vietnam so they wont get so obsessed on stalking me all the time. Ha! They're really my number #1 fans -so lovely, isn't it?

Let me read this out loud for you!

Girls, if someone leave you for someone else - believe me, he doesn't worth every single pieces of your heart, he's not worth your attention, or any feeling left. You can spread your wings and fly. Just like me, I raise up my carreer and I will publish my book. Yaaaayyyyy!!!!

And i will put my picture in the cover ! Full credit to Elise, my talented photographer. She nailed it!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

new smile improvement

I give credit to Elise for taking this photo for me as a birthday gift. All of my colleagues proposed me to put this picture as our invisalign advertorial in our neonsign. 


No way. Hahaha.....

But I love my new smile. And I consider to put this photo in japanese smile charity day which will be held by one of my best friends next month! Kawaii desu-ka!

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

invisalign G6 launching in bangkok

So I'm back !!! After Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta in a row last week 'til yesterday, I land back to my pilates mat and of course.... my beloved clinic again. I will see you guys again on next lecture in Jakarta and masterclass in Hongkong shortly ! :)

I was attending Invisalign G6 launching in Bangkok last week. And it was a wrap !!! I am an invisalign dedicated dentist since 2009, and until today, there are A LOT of improvements in invisalign itself to treat patients. Last week I got half day city tour as well with a new friend from Bangkok -I will post it separately later.

This is it, some good memories from the site !
Meet up again with my beautiful roomate Dr. Hilly - can you believe that she will be 70 next year ???
Indonesian Invisalign delegates during exclusive dinner held by Fondaco. Thanks a lot Catherine and Fondaco !
Our limousine ! Spotted the colourful neons in our top. Feels like in Vegas - but fancier... And the colour is as 'dangdut' as tuktuk, hahahaha...
Having a mini reunion with Invisalign HK Immersion 1 - Dr. Aey from Thailand, Dr. Hilly from Indonesia, and Dr. Hong from Malaysia. Missed Dr. Dennis and all Singaporeans
With my ultrabusy manager of that day, Elizt !!! Thanks for everything my dearrrr :x
Capturing selfie in my hotel room - welcome to Sofitel Sumkhuvit Bangkok. Spent 2 days discussing cases with my roomate *ahem !* Yes, learning never stop, baby !