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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

jakarta lecture confirmed

Jakarta lecture confirmed and I will prepare some of my difficult cases for that advanced lecture.

I can't wait!!!!!

First time after a year I will extend my visit for fun. So after lecture, I plan to visit several friends' clinics as they had invited me to drop by. And my lovely Elizt will assist me for cafe tour during my visit. Isn't it lovely???

The book has done!!!! Thanks for AZ and vietbitch for keep inspiring me. In summary, I write about relationship between men and women. I wish both of them can get a good psychiatrist in Vietnam so they wont get so obsessed on stalking me all the time. Ha! They're really my number #1 fans -so lovely, isn't it?

Let me read this out loud for you!

Girls, if someone leave you for someone else - believe me, he doesn't worth every single pieces of your heart, he's not worth your attention, or any feeling left. You can spread your wings and fly. Just like me, I raise up my carreer and I will publish my book. Yaaaayyyyy!!!!

And i will put my picture in the cover ! Full credit to Elise, my talented photographer. She nailed it!

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