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Friday, October 23, 2015

from shanghai with love

Quick post from Shanghai Dentech 2015. I don't recommend any cheap stuffs in hall 2. Especially Dental Life Sciences products. For your patients, just go to a good quality composites. I purchased this brand a lot last year -expected too much from this brand because of their sweet marketing talk. I end up using all of them to mock up and posterior bite risers. In end, no any syringes that I use to cavity filling. Because its all oily and after curing, it will turn out very bulky. Oh and I don't recommend their colour composites too. The worst ever. I prefer to go back to twinkle star from voco as this one is still my best. This DLS is in hall 2. Dont get tricked by their marketing. He has the sweetest talk ever. Just felt surprised this year they still have a booth there. I think they bankrupt already because of the poor quality hahaha

So far, 3M, tokuyama and voco are all standing-applause composites. For the strength and esthetic too. My advice is, never lower your composite standard with cheaper one. Because your patients consents should be your consideration.

Love you, Shanghai !!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

shameless selfies - my invisalign journey

Pardon my shameless selfies, I just can't help it!!! I'm falling in love with my smile - as the 10.5 months invisalign progress is super awesome!!!

Bye bye protrusion, bye bye openbite, my own case was a challenging one - but I did it !!! Very happy that these aligners can boost up my confidence to smile. I used to bite my lip when I smiled. But now, no more lip biting !!

Cant be happier with my invisalign. And guess what, my patients are TOO !!! Check out instagram @gigisehatdental for some of my patients' invisalign-gallery.

Counting days to Shanghai for Dentech. See ya next week, good people

Sunday, October 11, 2015


Had a wonderful peer to peer invisalign study group with an old friend of mine - dr. Thiti from Bangkok. I supposed to visit his clinic in Bangkok when I went there for G6 launching, but he was on holiday (as always!! He even wondered why I always make a lecture trip and not a holiday trip). Thank you for visiting my clinic! We had a tough discussion about some class III cases and it was fun!

Had a good time with Ivan and Eliz also. Thanks a lot for visiting me. See you again in Bangkok !

Thursday, October 08, 2015

masterchefs are in the house!

Those 2 rising-star young idols : Reynold (masterchef Australia) and Arnold (masterchef Indonesia) were in clinic yesterday. So good to see you guys. 

Guess what treatment he will get soon.

Only in Gigi Sehat Dental @gigisehatdental  - Surabaya Invisalign Center
Keep you updated!!!!

Thursday, October 01, 2015

clincheck review

Good morning from my office !!!

I'm reviewing some clinchecks this morning. Got some difficult cases lately that I need to modify lots. Well, it doesn't matter tho' .... I love to create smiles and seeing that those smiles I'd made can change someone's life!
Now I sound like a saint of smile -haha!!! Anyway, I'm proclining my upper anterior now. Do you notice that it looks better??

I'm also preparing for Saturday's talk show in Ciputra World. I was being invited to give a talk show about managing children's dental health. Well, stay tuned and see you all there !!

Have a great day for y'all!!!